Only the Bare Necessities

While reviewing my finances yesterday, I realized that I should have a lot more money saved than I do. I wondered where all of my money goes. Of course, I have to pay for things like the mortgage, lights, phones, cable, etc, but where was the rest of it?  I know, I spend it! 

In order to bring me back to a point of grace with my finances, I am going to go on a spending hiatus.  While showering this morning, I remembered that a middle/high school buddy of mine did something like this a year or so ago, and I thought she was crazy to say the least! How can you do that? How can you not.buy.anything!! Well needless to say crazy saved her a ton of money. 

So today when I got to work, after eating the breakfast and lunch that I brought from home, I hit her up on GChat to ask for the guidelines. 

I could only spend money on things that would keep me (1) not starving; (2) clean; and (3) not naked
i.e. if I really didn't NEED it, I couldn't buy it.
Well that seems simple enough, but with my history, I know this is going to be worse for me than that time Krystal Willis gave up Facebook for her lent (yeah I'm still salty about that).

Plea to my friends:
Keep me honest, and understand that that means there won't be anymore parties at The Villa for a while (it was so hard for me to type that).   It's a really good thing that I quit Williams-Sonoma when I did, or I'd.be.screwed!

Disclaimer: This does NOT mean that I am going to start buying generic brands of food though. I'm.just.saying! 

Starting tomorrow, I'll truly be a pauper.