Recurring Dream/Nightmare and Nightsweats

Have you ever woken up to a dream that just won't go away? For the past five days I have woken up to the same series of flashbacks; they were so real, they were almost tangible.

What's hard is figuring out how to make them go away. Either they are a harbinger, what is
supposed to be, or a form of torture reminding me of what I am so desperately trying to shun. This morning, for the first time in my life, I woke up in a sweat.

My air was on seventy-six degrees [and this is really cold for me], and my fan was blazing, and I still woke up sweating because of the subconscious movies that I have been forced to watch, and thereby relive everyday for about a week.

What to do?

Comment: So what is your worst recurring dream/nightmare? And how did you get it to stop?


Reletting Vengeance, Anger and Angst

"Vengeance is Mine; I shall repay," says the Lord.

I'm reletting my vengeance, anger, and angst. I am "de-posting" my previousl article "Six Years of Lunacy," because it was rude-- while well-warranted-- I don't fair too well with rude. It doesn't suit me, because it accomplishes nothing.

I've been hurt-- mainly by myself and what I allowed myself to belive. I've been hurt; big fucking whoop-- so has everyone else. I've been hurt, but I am going to believe that none of it was intentional: just a result of two people [myself included] making some poor decisions. I am going to shake it off and step up.

And when I meet that dude (or female-- in my closet life), whom I think is just wonderful, and everything that I imagined I'd ever wanted, then I'll merely just...

lol leave one.. my comments are starting to look scarce


MSNBC.com Article: Official: Son Mistakes Parents' Sex For Domestic Abuse

Official: Son Mistakes Parents' Sex For Domestic Abuse
A 16-year-old boy who reportedly shot his father in his mother's defense faces a felony charge, Local 2 reports. However, what was originally reported as a son defending his mother may have actually been an intimate moment between his parents.



Writing Block

Typing with the only ounce of energy I have left: my readers deserve that. Today was the day in which I remembered why friendship-- and family-- are so important. You have to forgive me; I have been having a writing block for the past couple of days, possibly even a whole week or two. Even though today was a great day, and a great many things have happened in my life in just the last week alone, I still do not feel that I can give them, in prose, words worthy of it's greatness. Until this writing block passes...

Comming of Age

He told me that I had gotten over him. I was stunned. Wait-stop- I will not write about him, not tonight.

Today was my last day at the law firm. You are now reading the blog of a new Marketing Assistant. I think I am going to like this new job. There are only two females in our whole entire office this should be cool. How about I give you something worth reading.

Sitting in a room on a fair almost-summer-night in Texas, I am talking to the French and craving a lemon berry slush from Sonic. I tried one today with Tequilla as I drove down the new Ft. Bend tollway; it was actually really good. Why pay $5 for a margarita if I can just get a cherry or berry limeade from Sonic for $1.59 [or $.89 during happy hour], and just add tequilla!

yeah that really wasn't worth reading. oh well... off to bed.


Neat United States History Factoid

Did you know there was one U.S. state that no longer exists? In 1784 the U.S. had a state called Franklin, named after Benjamin Franklin. But four years later, it was incorporated into Tennessee.

How cool! We should have left it Franklin.


Okay so I dont Sound Like I'm from Texas

No matter what this thing says... I am a TEXAN at heart...even if I don't sound like one... Is anyone else wondering why my total is not 100%?

Your Linguistic Profile:

50% General American English

25% Yankee

20% Dixie

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

Apartment Hunting

Okay so my new goal is to save money; thusly I am in the process of looking for another less expensive apartment. I am not quite sure how I am going to do that. The on site lake, crown molding, garden tub, and open kitchen and dining can become so adictive. How am I going to go to a busted ole lakeless apartment complex? Well, I guess I'll have to tell myself everyday that it's the only way I get to save for a house. Enough of that. I'm out....nothing else to say.


God, so you wanted me to test out Womanhood... here are the defects

You asked me to come down here and try out this womanhood thing that you created. Well I've tested it out, and here is my current update on the known defects. It is quite possible that more may follow. The list currently includes the following:

  1. Boobs- God, running with these are a pain in the assets. They bob up and down and the larger ones have to be restrained with more than one sports bra. The small ones do not garner enough attention from the opposite sex and serve as a source of low self esteem or questionable sexuality in most.
  2. Periods - Sir, is there really a reason this fluid must come from down there monthly? If it's really that bad for us to have in there, couldn't we just do without it all together, and you find a way to tweek it so reproduction can cycle another way? Really, a wad of fucking cotton!?!?!
  3. Fish -- Omega, that smell belongs in the ocean, not in the secrets. One good reason why any woman could ever smell like this?
  4. The Cherry -- Why do we have an indicator, and the hes do not?
  5. Bras- God, have you ever tried the underwire thing? Eliminate number one and you kill two birds with one stone.
  6. The female orgasm -- Why does ours have to take so much more effot, and longer than the hes and the one that belongs to the hes cums quickly, and they get eye-rolling action?
  7. Pregnancy - Nine months? I mean really, can we negotiate down to four and a half. Just double the gestation speed.
  8. The phrase "It's ain't mine." -- We never get to say this. God, it's starting to look like you have a favored sex. You would never see a woman walking around saying "it's ain't mine." When she has a belly shaped like a medium watermelon. Compromise: we get the "joys of prenancy" [see 34 weeks and counting] and the hes can have a temporary stigma on his penis that says "It's definately mine." It can even fade after nine months.
  9. Hair styling: Why? For what?
  10. The afterbirth - It hurts more and it can't even take care of us when we get older. This can be eliminated.
  11. Post partum depression - as if the last four months weren't enough.
  12. Cramps - They really are just not funny. Not up for discussion
  13. Delivery - from 0cm to 10 cm? There wasn't a more comforting way to produce the same results? Oh wait, this was Eve's doing right? Then just point me in her direction, and I'll take care of this one.
  14. Men with small penises - If it's got to get to 10 cm, at the very least give us a way to prepare ourselves for it. Give us a fun way to practice for it too.
  15. Sitting/squatting to pee - God, the methodology here, plain and simply , just needs to be reworked.
  16. The male brain - Duh!

Ladies feel free to leave any addition defects to be sent up to the Man Upstairs. He listens!