6 Years Since TDT

Those of you who are my loyal readers, and those of you who are my devoute friends you knew I couldn't let this day go by without noting it. It is quite frankly the closest I'll ever come to having a six year anniversary [since I'm never getting married and all]. This was the day, it all started so long ago.

The day that would cuz heartache for at least the next six years. I feel like a sick effin puppy.

Maybe one day in the future, when I feel like I can detach my emotions from the story, I'll actually sit down in the style of Kim, and tell you the story from beginning to lingering end.


My Brother-In-Law Is On CRACK!

This excerpt is the conversation between my brother-in-law and his boss.... I knew he was a crackhead!

mike: "what are you doing tomorrow night"

dave: "tuesday... let me check... nothing, what scary chore do you have for me?"

mike: "how about going to the world series"

dave: "woa. yes! wow. thank you."

dave: "can you get my wife in there?"

mike: "let me check, I'm about to pick up the tickets now. I''ve given the others away though"

calls him back

mike: "I have six tickets and have commited the five, unfortunately I can't get Aisha in"

dave: "I know this will sound like I'm on drugs, but I'll be either be glued to the TV with my wife or sitting in the stands with her."

mike: "I totally understand. I hope your wife knows the amazing man she has."

:) Yes, I think she does.

My sister's response to her husband telling her this story...

You ARE on drugs.
That wasn't a request.
I appreciate the love. Please, if the offer still stands, go to the game!


This all sounds a little too Good Will Hunting for me!



Black Hair.... DeBraiding and All That Jazz

Some people say that I have been assimilated into white culture because of the many ethnic things that I do not do. My speech is more proper than most black twenty-somethings, and I listen to country music [Yes I do thank you! Tim McGraw is the man!]. I do not dispute these facts, but I must say that I do not intentionally try to avoid black heritage, as much as I shy from ghettoisms that seem to infultrate our society, and carry myself in such a way that the stereotypes seem out of place for me.

Why I felt that the previous paragraph was a necessary preface to this post, I am not sure. However, I must say, that no matter how assimilated one seems to think I have become to White America, there are still somethings that I cannot avoid [not like I try to avoid sed others].

I still have BLACK HAIR.

A little history lesson, everyone in my family line for at least the past two generations [inclusive of my grandparents and my parents] have been black; when I say family line I am referring to the direct reproduction efforts that led to my own creation [aunts, uncles, and cousins not included]. Well, as I was saying as my two previous generations have been black and from the Texas and Northern Louisana areas I do not have that "good" more accuartely define soft with loose waves hair. My hair is coarse, and if I don't perm it, it gets nappy!

Growing up in a family of hairstylist, my hair always looked hmm decent, well if I'd sit down long enough to get it done. Even if I didn't get it done I'd still look hmm decent enough to walk out of my house and not get a "Ooh no she didn't." I was always under the impression that if people used the right products then their hair could have the mobility of mine and my sisters', and the luster, and the capibility of sleeping on it and just waking up in the morning and it being okay. Boy was I wrong.

My sister and I decided to take notice of Black hair today while we were chaperoning her 7th graders' field trip. And two little black girls started playing in each other's hair. First, it was evident that the little girl needed her ends clipped, and a deep conditioning. But beyond that the child's hair seemed unsalvageble. I remember when I was younger, and would play really hard my hair would shoot up all over my head but it would still not be as stiff and completely unmanagable as some of the other heads I have encountered.

We've finally realized that there are just some heads of hair, no matter what type of perm is used, will never have body, bounce, volume; it will always just look like someone drew cartoon character imobile hair onto that person's head... Oh but that's mean and I digress.

Anyway none of this has anything to do with the fact that I just spent the past few hours debraiding my sister's hair! I have hair fungus under my nails [as she has had them in probably a little longer than 9 weeks]. These are the trials of a black woman and hair. After sitting in a chair for hours to get the braids... the multiple hours of fungral braid removal hardly seem worth it. But then it is because for 6-8 weeks, we live knowing that when we wake up all we have to do is wake up!

I am just glad that I have finally developed a routine for my own hair. My hair tips, not like I'm a hair expert or anything because I'm not. I keep hair issues so very simple.
  • I shampoo every three days..yes your first reaction is "You are not white; you can't shampoo your hair that often." Well I do. I have found that shampooing my hair so often softens my naps and I can go 2 months instead of 1 betwen perms.
  • I get a perm every 2 months now instead of 4 weeks.
  • I do NOT use gel, mouse, spritz, holding spray, or any other crusty bang product that makes your hair hard and dirty and stank.
  • After shampooing I air dry in a ponytail. Man when I comb that ponytail out, it has more fluidness than water itself.
  • As far as hair products... I ONLY use one specific brand's perm, shampoo, conditioner, normalizer, and oil moisturizer.... I used to be a Revlon girl, but after one try with this other REALLY good stuff I was changed for life!
  • Get my ends clipped... okay that's an understatement. For the past year I have been saying that I was going to let my hair grow. But for some reason I have found myself addicted to the scissors. I don't know what it is. It is a sickness. Every 2 months when I get my hair permed, and flat ironed, and see that my hair has reached the middle of my shoulder blades, I play in the mirror for about 30 mins, and then the inevitable. "Cut it off please, to right below my ears."
  • As pretty and as coveted and mi-long hair is, I'm a chick of convience. When it's past my neck, it won't all fit in my pink silk scarf without me rolling, folding or clipping it up. If I fold it then it has that crease that I would have to flat iron out every morning. No thank you! Just wack it off please.
That's enough. I really just wanted to give you all something to read, as I had not blogged in a while. I am not sure how coherent all of that was, but hey(!) it's a post ain't it!


Revisiting the Readers' Favs

In the style of Areyl, I decided I would list for you my posts which seem to have been the post popular among the readers of TIOPCW.... so here you go!

Bringing up the rear in 4th place, I have 3 post which each received 6 comments:
In 3rd place with a whopping 7 comments we have:
In 2nd place, and probably my all time favorite:
And in 1st place, and I should almost feel bad for highlighting this one, but who cares! Is probably the most emotional one for me to date... although if you read the comments you'll get to see what makes an already emotional piece just flat out humiliating.... but damn if it wasn't some of my best writing ever thank you for that...

Number One All Time Favorite Among My Readers:


...that it has been almost an entire month since I have written anything worth reading. It's not that I don't have anything to write. It's just that I've have too much to write; I can't even gather all of my thoughts.

Topics that randomly float through my head:
  1. Evacuating Houston...Worse than Hell
  2. Would I ever Evac again
  3. Puking more than any one human should in her lifetime twice
  4. Running from the Runs
  5. How a 6 hour ride becomes a 15 hour sojourn filled with vomit and stomach frills
  6. Why I love the government
  7. We're in the Money Now
  8. Writing incoherent emails, not because you're drunk, but because you're sleepy
  9. Being a volleyball Sister-mom because the kid's parents are deployed
  10. Being the only female in an office of 20 guys
  11. My Godson Shat In Your Hands!
  12. Don't click the "how do i look" IM link in AOL or your are asking for it!!
  13. Picking the perfect Names for your Breasts
I've had tons to say, and even as I make this list, I'm sure I'm leaving out some stuff. I'll get back in the game; I promise.



Trashley's Edition

I had to remove the last post because Trashley did not approve... so I'm no longer Inadequate...



This is another entry that must be typed with my eyes closed, and my heart wide open. I have a hard time always speaking the truth when I feel myself in a conscious state of mind, but with my eyes closed, I can tell my fingers that whatever they produce is nothing more than a dream.

I have reasoned myself out of marriage, and love, and children on occasion. I have discovered the best possible reasons to go without all three. They all make perfect sense. They truely do, but for some reason my heart is not following suit. While my heart does not tug at the idea of marriage, it will not allow me to escape love. The fact that I know that love is more hurtful to me, because of whom I love, and that I can't make myself stop, makes me feel inadequate. I can't control my thoughts, the things that tug at that emotional side of me that I still arduously try to surpress, I can't control the repetition of one name and its daily exsistence in my life, and that makes me feel inadequate.

I was watching The Terminal the other day, and in the movie the major character has a beat in which he simply says [over and over] "I wait." I feel like I'm still waiting, but waiting on never, waiting on a possibility that is just not possible, and even if it was possible I shouldn't want it anyway.

I've tried many mediums to ignore the period of waiting. I ahve tried replacing; I have tried self-absorbtion; I ahve tried just forgetting. The ironic thing is that when you try to forget, it causes you to remember even more.

I simply cannot gethim out of my system. I want to. I really want to. When asked "why did I like him?" by one and "Did you want to marry him?" by another the only thought I could conjure up was that the verb tense in that sentence is incorrect- even though I wish the past perfect was the correct tense for that wuestion. When whill I move on? When will I let go of the piercing assasin which invades my daily exsistence?

damn not bad for me to have done that with my eyes closed...