Text Messages Are the Devil!

How many of you have either initiated or confirmed a middle of the night rendez-vous through text messaging? Go ahead. Raise your hand. You know you've done it.

How many of you conservative closet nymphos have said all of the naughty things you've heard in the movies, but dared not say before text messaging gave you that outlet? Go ahead. Raise your hand. You know you've done it.

How many of you rat bastards have totally taken full advantage of someone who totally just wanted to spend time with you by iliciting horizontal dancing via SMS? Raise your effin hand, so I can slap it.

How many of you have ever received that text message that simply said, "B alone 2nite"? And you immediately called all of your homies with whom you were going to go clubbing and told them all you had to cancel because you were sick. Raise it up high. Don't be ashamed.

Fuck yeah you should be ashamed! Text messaging is evil! It gets you in those positions in which you know you should not take part. It gets you in that bathtub/shower with that sender, receiver who couldn't careless about anything other than the humidity factor in the great down under.

All of this to say... Text Messaging is sex. and Sex is bad! We should all practice abstinence. B-cuz once you pop [and get text messaging] uuuuuuuuu can't stop!

*oringally posted 11/1/2005-- worth revisiting...

On Being the Other Woman

On being the other woman...

I have sat up most of tonight crying. Yes I admit it. I have cried. My eyes truely aren't used to that anymore. They are burning like crazy.

Okay here comes the juicy story...
There has been this dude who I admittantly didn't really like at all, who has been persuing my affections for somewhere around a year. For months I explained that I didn't have time for a relationship and that I really was not interested in one. I was largely not interested in him, but I figured saying I was not interested in a relationship was not an untruth either and it was definately nicer. Well this dude, with whom I will admit I may have touched a time or two, came in town for Thanksgiving, and called me late one night and asked me to come meet him. I told him no, because I knew what he wanted, and I was not up for it. He calls me the following morning and asks me to breakfast, and I agree. All throughout breakfast I'm trying to figure out how I will tell him that nothing is ever going to happen between us because I'mjust not at all attracted and the conversation just isn't there. I have been subjected to listening to rediculous stories about him and his ghetto boys from the north side and blah blah blah ... snore!

Much to my surprise I was on myspace.com today and noticed that he had gotten engaged last week to a chick he has been with for three years! Now let's see, this is the SAME dude who was pissed that I was just "talking" to some other dudes-- mind you we were never "together". He gets mad at me while all the while he is proposing to some chick at home!

What's scary is that this has happened with me with the last three maybe four dudes who have sought me out. Mind you, I never seek, and normally i try my damnest to ignore.

  1. The dude from NYC who randomly stopped talking to me in February of '05 got married in April of '05, got pregnant on his honeymoon in April but the baby was due in September [hmmm yes that is 5 months]... THEN around January began talking to me again under the auspecies of a friendship, but soon admitting to wanting more with me.
  2. The bastard mentioned in the above senerio.
  3. The dude I've known for three years or more [probably more] who would secretly fatasize about doing naughty things to me while we'd stay up til 2am discussing anything [but naughty] things, only for him to move far away get a girlfriend and then confess that he'd secretly been intrigued by me and thought of there being something more between us. [hope he doesn't read this but if he does ... who cares]
  4. The dude that I used to kick it with, and one day he comes over to visit me and I notice a wedding ring on his finger, after months of us kicking it-- and it wasn't always merely friendly.


If you approach me then I am going to assume one of 4 things:

  1. You have a girlfriend
  2. You have a fiancee
  3. You are married
  4. You are gay [haven't had one of these yet but ya know... anything can happen].

I would just like for someone... anyone to tell me if I am wearing some kind of indicator that says "OTHER WOMAN MATERIAL". Please I'd like to know. I asked one of my really good guy friends and he said, well Krys you're fun. Maybe they want to be with you because you are fun... I was like then why can't they just be my fucking friend... I don't need all the extra... I never NEVER need the extra.

I feel Stupid

Okay I feel more than stupid. I'd stopped writing mainly because I thought no one was reading anymore, because I wasn't getting any comments. THEN I realized that now I have to approve comments. I didn't know that! You all have been reading, and for that I am very excited.... especially to Exenso ... she's never left my side!


It's Been A While

My dear fans,

It's been over four months since my last post. How absolutely pathetic! I guess I haven't had too much to say recently.

My two favorite Liberals have moved away, so my heated debates have been reduced to a minimal. Mr. Untitled and I have said probably only 200 words to each other in the last four months: so thus ends that story.

I've realized that one relationship [that would never fully exist] ultimately kept me from one that could have actually been really healthy for me: challenging, mutual, and full of heat! "what you want might make you cry; what you need may pass you by. And what you need ironically, will turn out what you want to be if you just let it."

My dear friend Sabba is now engaged to a great gal. My cuzibludin and her fiance move into their brand new house this weekend. I've reconnect with a former flame... err flicker. My parents bought a new house.

Many of my friends would be happy to say that I am not much less of a workaholic. I'd actually written a song titled "Workaholic" because of a school-girl crush that I'd developed on someone I thought of as a friend, but as it turns out he was probably just doing his job.

I haven't developed any new strong opinions, which is probably the reason I have not posted in a while. But I'm back. I promise. At least three posts a week. I miss this. I hope ya'll missed me.

The next post will probably be about babies in church! Church is making me hate kids.... more to come!

Miss Krys


Honeykissed: Chapter I

A work of fiction, the art of expression is one that I can no longer successfully accomplish. The sojourn that is my life has led me to an existence has led me to a reality that relies on the ability to bluntly express what I think is. A fictional piece requires the author to search his imagination and with flowery diction and descriptive interpretation convey a picture –often on that is mobile. I now only know how to state is. An actor never lies. He simply states someone else’s reality. If the person is a work of fiction, that does not make his reality any more of less real. But you, my dear loyal reader, have not asked for my dissertation on life and the art of telling lies acting. You have asked for a story, and a story, as poorly written as you will think it is conveyed, is what will follow.

This obviously isn't the entire first prolouge and first chapter... it's just the portion I decided to post today.

His honey-kissed chestnut eyes stared at me through the glass. The rhythmic air from his flaring nostrils and gaping mouth fogged the window in a melodic sequence. His palm peeled away slowly as he turned to face forward, in order to avoid letting me see his eyes say goodbye. I knew that the day would one day come when Koren would look at me, and without words, tell me goodbye. The day was always, as I envisioned in my mind, tomorrow. Today tomorrow made its premature arrival. We would not have another chance to play Little Sally Walker or Down by the River. He would never again call me up to the tree house that we begged my father to help us build. We would never again ride the roller coaster in the theme park that we affectionately named chez-deux. That theme park has long since been demolished and as Koren’s train faded into that black hole of a tunnel, I felt as though my world was crumbling around me.

We never had an argument. Not one. He knew all of my secrets; I, his. When he lost his virginity, the only person who knew before me was old what’s her face. When my mother’s covert operation turned fatal, he would not trust anyone else with the delivering the news to me. Ours was the epitome of an intimate relationship. We’d told each other secrets in dark corners, knowing that the other would forever be the keeper of those cognitions. Judgment was nonexistent in our realm. Never judged—no matter what. In a few hours, my secrets will be seemingly light years away, and his will stay here, with the undeniable faith that none will ever be divulged.

Chapter I

Sydnei placed her cordless telephone on the charger that she’d finally made time to plug in. “Ash, I know you aren’t there. I just called to tell you that I made it. It rained full blitzes and hail Mary’s the whole way, so it took me an extra hour, but… oh I know you hate when I leave these long messages on your answering machine, so call me I’ll tell you all about the drive. I miss you already. Love you for life.” The date and time on the phone blinked 01/01/00 12:02. She had called a week in advance to have her telephone, water and lights ready for her arrival. As she put the phone down, she looked across her barren apartment and realized that her four-hour-drive from Austin to Houston was her first step into adulthood. From this point on, she would be her first and primary resource for all issues, financial or emotional; and at the same time she would be the primary recipient of the accolades of her triumphs. She foresaw many triumphs ahead for her.

While Sydnei would have enjoyed nothing more than to begin unpacking the things she felt would make her new place her own—at least her prized collection of compact discs—she knew that extra hour on the road had cut into her schedule. She tossed her cash, lipstick, ID and keys, into her Mary Rambin C.L.I.C.K bag; grabbed her guitar and headed back out into the rain.


Response to "Just Curious"

So I was in craigslist reading the "Rants and Raves" for Houston.... here is an interesting one.

Just Curious says:
All you who post here and rant and complaint on how terrible our city, state, and country are... What good things have you done or contributed to make this a better place? Just keep seeing asses saying the "bad" people should leave the city or the country but haven't seen any of you asses do anything to justify why you get to stay in this city or country. What makes you better than the people who you ask to leave?

My Response to Just Curious:
That's an easy answer, Just Curious. This is what we do that allows us to stay:

1. We pay taxes
2. We do not kill people
3. We do not rob
4. We do not litter
5. We do not make the Galleria look trashy by walking around in wife-beaters, our pants around our ankles, grillz, and we do not play cards or dominoes in the food courts
7. We don't consistantly ask the government for handouts
8. We don't demand they take God off the money, out of the pledge, and the ten commandments off of the government buildings
9. We do community service
10. We mow our lawns [or hire lawn guys to do it].
11. We speak English-- or we at least make an effort to learn to
12. We take care of our offspring instead of asking the governement to do it
13. We know and understand the system of checks and balances within our government and thusly know that ONE man who carries the appellation of President cannot be responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in this country
14. We vote

Just Curious's Response:
Another big frog in the little pond. The pond is getting very crowded. Very idiotic thinking. Doesn't really understand what citizenship is here in the country. It's a shame.

1. Most people Houston or not pay taxes too.
2. YOU don't kill people. Some Houston citizens kill people. Most Non-Houston people don't kill people.
3. YOU don't rob people. Some Houston citizens rob people. Most Non-Houston people don't rob people.
4. YOU don't litter people. Some Houston citizen litter. Most Non-Houston people don't litter.
5. We do not make the Galleria look trashy by walking around in wife-beaters, our pants around our ankles, grillz, and we do not play cards or dominoes in the food courts.... Bad news.... this is being done by Houston's finest citizen.
6. You GO TO WORK. Doesn't have work doesn't make you a citizen (or not) of USA/Houston. 5% -7% of US population is jobless, but they are still a US citizen. Most wives chose to be house wives instead of going to work but they are still citizen.
7. Handouts are given to all citizens of US. Handouts were giving to victims of 9/11 and other people in need.
8. US constitution specifically does not allow religion in government. It's called separation of religion and government.
9. You do community service. Some Houston citizen do community service, most don't. Some non-Houston citizen do community service, most don't.
10. You mow our lawns [or hire lawn guys to do it]. Ownership of lawn is a privilege doesn't make you a good citizen.
11. You speak English. Most Houston citizens speak English and more. Most Non-Houston citizens speak English and more too.
12. You take care of our offspring instead of asking the government to do it. Most Houston citizens do the same. Most Non-Houston citizens do the same too.
13. You know and understand the system of checks and balances within our government and thusly know that ONE man who carries the appellation of President cannot be responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in this country. President represents the citizen of the USA. Bush is representing the citizen of the USA very poorly. What's this got to do with you miss treating other US citizens?
14. You Vote. It's a privilege. Most Houston citizens don't vote. Most non-Houston citizens don't vote too.

The Finale from Me to Just Curious:

YOU [I] do not litter people.... how the hell does one litter people?

Let me make things a little clearer for you. The mass exedous from New Orleans has changed our city, my friend, and I am not afraid to say that it has not been a change for the better. I can't tell you how many sistahs I saw walking around the Galleria in God knows what with orange wrist bands on their arms. If you have just evacuated and are using a FEMA card what the hell are you doing in Saks or Neimans or the Louis Vitton store in the first damn place?

Model US citizens think a little differently. We think, "This money is money from taxpayers; I have only the clothes on my back, and I am in a new city and may not be able to go home for a long time. Maybe I should take my $2000 and spend it on staple items and not designer bags [especially since I know that $2000 "ain't no hole lotta money" and it doesn't make me rich].

As far as handouts, in extenuating [sp?] circumstances, yes it's understandable. I am talking about people who are ALWAYS at the Food Stamp office; it is their way of life. It's sickening. I'm working my ass off and going to school fulltime for some lazyass to get my tax money?!?!

WTF. The government is supposed to protect our freedoms and keep us safe. When did the government take on the role as father to its incompetent children who are unwilling to take adavantage of FREE education, and make something of themselves? People who defend the lazy make me sick. I don't patronize people who are CAPABLE but lazy. That is sick. If someone is like that then NO, they should not be in MY city, STATE, or COUNTRY. This is capitalistic America; if you are not willing to go out and get yours with as minimal help as humanly possible then you should pack your shit, and move on over to a communist society where every one gets the same everything and is nurtured by their paternalistic government. Houston, Texas, The United States is not it!

You keep saying MOST... I'm saying the ones who don't should not be here. If you aren't making an effort to be better, do better, have better, then you are a stain on those who are. Period.



My Personality

You Have A Type A Personality


You are hyper, energetic, and always on the mood
You tend to succeed at everything you attempt
And if you don't succeed at first, you quickly climb your way to the top!

You could be called a workaholic, but you also make time for fun
As long as it's high energy and competitive, you're interested
You have the perfect personality for business and atheltic success


Miss Human Resources Director: Oh Ye of Little Faith

This new human resources director at my job [she started here only like two months ago, but approached me as if I were a normal incompetent 23 year-old] with the I don't think you should take so many hours in school and work fulltime. Are you sure you will be able to handle school at work.

I informed her that while working fulltime in San Antonio, and maintaing an excellent job-performance record-- I carried 15 hours at Trinity University, including classes like Cal II and Physics for Engineers. My grandmother died right before finals so I missed the last week of classes and I still managed to maintain a GPA of 3.5.

Even after I informed her of that she still finds the need to ask me about school [not in a sincerely caring manner-- in a I'm waiting for you to realize you're not good enough to do both well manner]. I hate when she asks.

So after working a 40 hour week, I came to my office on both Saturday and Sunday to knock down a list of 18 things "to-do" that sprung up between Thursday and Friday [after I'd just completed a list of 10]. I thought it was more than appropriate to send to miss HR this email, as I packed my things to leave around 9:17 p.m.

Dear Miss HR:
I know you were concerned about how school would affect my performance here. I am just sending this email to let you know that I am leaving the office now [Sunday 9:13 p.m.] after about 4 hours, and I was here yesterday from about 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. I was able to take my list of 19 things of to-dos down to 13.

I do strive to be good at what I do, both here and away from school, and I hope that my work here over the weekend goes a long way to show you that I do in fact take my job seriously.

I do look forward to working with you on HRforce.com. I really do believe that it will be a great asset in helping you in the HR department, and others should you attain any HR assistants in the future.

I know that over email it may be hard to determine the tone in which a person means to convey his/her message; please be assured that my intended tone is one of reassurance.

K.D. Carter
Marketing Administrator

I thought I was nice.... right...


VD -- Yes it really is a DISEASE


This post serves two purposes for me. The first is that it makes me realize that I have been doing this "blog" thing for over a year. I remember this because this time last year, I was writing a post[ V.D. -- "Fakey" Holiday]somewhat similar to the one I am about to write right now.

So here it is... VD. I'm not going to write as much as I did last year, because that pretty much sums it up. Many of you, especially those close to me, know how much I loathe the fakey holiday that most people refer to as Valentine's Day. Many have asked me why I hate this day, and I have sincerely been unable to put my finger on the exact reason, or the exact year that I decided that this day was worth nothing more than morning upchuck that I feel coming on whenever I roll over to find the date on my palm/alarm clock to read 02.14.??

I went to Wal-Mart the other day (one of my unhappy places -- I loathe this place). I was helping one of my friends finish an audition tape, and we had to go. Now I must say that I am extemely glad that the Super Bowl was in February this year, because all of the store space that is normally filled with pink and red hearts and effin teddy bears and big balloons in the shape of seriously over-injected kissy lips, was replaced with football paraphanilia! ONCE AGAIN FOOTBALL HAS SAVED MY LIFE! It was a great joy to walk into a store between December 26th and today and see Footballs, and inflated goal lines, over emphasis on chips and dip, and large beer displays! But upon my trip to cLub Wal-Mart [post-super bowl], all of the footballs were gone and they'd been replaced with all that red and pink shit! QUESTION! Who the hell told someone that pink and red go together? So obviously, I had to grab the arm of my dear friend and close my eyes and trust her to guide me through to the back of the store where my sights would no longer be subjected to the vile images of VD bullshit.

Did anyone other than me happen to notice that this fakey-holiday's initials were the same as an oh so terrible female DISEASE? Conincidence? I think not.

  1. So NO I will not subject my husband to doing shit for me on disease day
  2. NO my kids will not celebrate it as a holiday
  3. NO my boyfriend/suitor will not be allowed to ask me to be his/her ........tine
  4. And MOST IMPORTANTLY anyone who calls/ims/emails/ or sends "Happy ........tine's Day" messages will be kkkkkkkkkkkkmost indubitably IGNORED!


Staying Hopeful Til the Very End

Comment recently made to me:
You know Kubiak is not going to take Young.. he has already talked a lot about how great of a quarterback Carr is and I am sure he is coming here t prove that…
My response:

I know. It makes me sad, but I'm still gonna hope [all the way til the end of April] that they watch just a few more tapes and by a supreme act of God take Young.


Hometown Paying Hommage Posted by Picasa

I could not even begin to create an accurate title for this piece....

The only thing more important than my birthday this past weekend, was my all-time favorite football player [still an understatement] and his decision to go pro.

Vince Young is the truth.

I know everyone is on the VY hype right now, but the fact that he is going all the way, at a high seat makes me feel so smart. I have been a fan of VY [as has most of Houston] since around 1998 or 1999-- 6 years ago. Yes, I know that he has only been at UT since 2002-2003, but I was a fan of VY -- the Madison Marlin. I was a fan when the "InVINCEable" and the "We Are ConVinced" slogans were initially coined. I often say that my first real [never-ending crush] was so that I could discover Vince[nt]. This dude whom I began liking played defense for Madison and I started going to the games to support him and my former best friend who was a Marlins Cheerleader.

There at those games [before I knew anything about football except that a touchdown resulted in 6 points] I not only fell in love with the game but realized that Vincent Young was a name that we all would hear for a very long time after. Even in high school he seemed to be a miracle worker. People are in awe now of how even in a 4th quarter he manges to bring his team up from behind... thats something that has been going on since high school. Whenever we were in down by a bit, and would start to get scared that this might be the game we loose... Vincent would pull out all the stops, and at the end there was always a victory.

Just as Texas has had OU... in the years before Texas there was Madison and Katy. Katy was the one win that always seemed to eluded the Marlin grasp, but during Vincent's senior year the Marlins were finally able to defeat its longtime nemesis. I can vividly sitting behind Vincent's mom on the 50 yard line, with his sister right next to their mom. His mom yelled throughout the entire game "Yeah ya'll's been cheatin'! You been cheatin' for five years!" But that year we'd [although I didn't attend Madison, I take my place a the biggest Madison groupie ever] won.


Here's the deal.... Houston, Texans want Vince. Hell Texans want Vince. If the Houston Texans football franchise decide that they do not want Vince they they are idiots and ought to change their name.

After a year of bad passes, terrible offensive coverage, and only two wins.... Houston Texans pride is hurt, and city morale for the team is down. The only way out morale could be lower is if we win 0 games next year. I tell you what, let's see how many seasons tickets the Texans will sell if they choose to pass on Vince Young for Reggie Bush. We need a new reason to buy tickets, and Vince will give us that reason.

Choosiing Vince Young in this year's NFL draft will cause all the old cats from Hiram Clarke to donate pints of blood so that they can buy tickets to see him play in Reliant. I, personally, hadn't seen Vince play in person since the Austin Westlake game of 2001 in the Astrodome, and when the chance to see him play again in Reliant came, there was no way I was passing up on that opportunity. I didn't care how much the tickets cost, or how much spam I'd have to eat to make up for splurging on Club seats to watch my hometown hero play.


An article on the Texans page worth reading...

Voice of the Fan

Ever since I checked my six voicemessages and was Nextel two-wayed out of my sleep yesterday day by my dearest friend Joey... I have been glued to all Draft prediction material.... if there's draft '06 on the back of gargabe cans I've read it. I guess I've been glued to all things VY since last Wednesay morning when I sent all of my friends text-messages [at 5:36 a.m.] wishing them a Happy UT Championship Day! [yes Wednesday morning before VY and the Longhorns clinched the win].

My question is ... Why is it even a question? Why salvage a mediocre/good QB who really hasn't prooven himself in the past 4 years, when you are getting a new coach, and you can basically rebuild the franchise with a player who is re-ignite the morale of the Houston Texans fanbase and just possibly... quite possibly continue to have a career in football that never ceases to amaze his fans and make believers out of people who never really paid him any attention.

Running backs don't sell tickets; QBs do. If we miss out on VY and do not have a tremdous season next year... the Texans will never hear the end of it from its "former" fans who've traded over to the Tennessee Titans... I'll tell you what... if he goes to Tennessee... I'll have to buy myself a Titain jersey [well all know how I feel about Greek Mythology any way].

Yes I understand that Pro football is very differnt from college ball, but people also said "well high school ball is very different from DI football" and he proved himself in college too....

The Texans will forever regret not drafting VY... because he is going to have a breakout amazing career in football.


USC is great, but Texas is immortal....

Nuff Said


This is the day for which we have all been waiting.


I have hardly been able to think of anything else. I am sure that most of my friends are probably quite miffed at me, seeing as how the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to send all of the a "Happy Rose Bowl Day" text message; I woke up at 5:30 a.m.

As for my stupidity, I can't believe that I scheduled a youth department drama team leaders meeting for today. In my defense, I scheduled it over a month ago, and I had a feeling it was on a major day, but couldn't quite manage to put my finger on what was so significant about the day. Well, good thing the meeting starts at 6:15 because it will DEFINATELY be a 30 minute meeting, so I can get out of there by 6:45. I know I shouldn't rush the Lord, but today I think even He would understand.

Sooo... where will YOU be watching the game tonight....

and for you doubters... UT is going to win this game!


Why I'll Never Edit for My Stupid Friends Again

Over the past couple of years, my friends would email me their papers for school and ask me to edit them. Initially, for my friends whom I knew were terrible writers, I would just make the corrections for them and send them back the final version. At some point, I guess when I stopped taking classes myself, I realized that they were getting As on C papers which I would essentially revise/ rewrite for them. They were getting As on papers which would lead to them gettign better grades, and in the long run college degrees, while I am sitting here in my office [even though I have a very good job] but without that validting piece of paper that would tell corporate America that they are "more qualified than I."

It struck me that as long as I don't have a degree, if one of my friends [for whom I have edited papers] and I came up against the same job it's quite possible that s/he would get the job simple because of that piece of paper that I inadvertantly helped him/her attain.

My delimna over the past couple of months have been whether or not it would be cruel for me, due to those reasons, to stop editing my friends' papers. A part of me really wanted to just say no, but the friend part of me could not stand to sit back and watch my friends turn in papers filled with simple sentences, and phrases what start with "It is, it was, there is, there were, etc."

Well what follows here is a conversation between one of my friends and myself [although I don't think she thinks we are still friends] regarding her personal statement for law school. Oh I wish I still had the version that she sent to me-- this conversation was referencing version three because the first two were just terrible!
Please notice that I edited her paper even though I was busy as sin at work [At my office from 8:00 a.m. until 10:28 p.m. that night working on my stuff]. Read it, and tell me if you think that I was wrong. Heads up! You'll have to pardon the typos.

Kreedle I (9:02:20 AM): did you get my corrections?
Ungratefulbitty (9:02:28 AM): im reading it now
Kreedle I (9:07:28 AM): i didnt leave work until 10:28 last night
Ungratefulbitty (9:08:53 AM): why?
Kreedle I (9:09:17 AM): because i do the work of 2-3 damn people by myself
Kreedle I (9:09:20 AM): and i had mad shit to do
Kreedle I (9:09:28 AM): and i was tired of looking at that shit on my desk
Ungratefulbitty (9:09:54 AM): did u finish everything
Kreedle I (9:10:13 AM): almost
Kreedle I (9:10:25 AM): im about 1/3 or 1/4 of the way done
Ungratefulbitty (9:11:10 AM): oh okay
Ungratefulbitty (9:11:16 AM): thats a plus
Kreedle I (9:11:22 AM): i guess
Kreedle I (9:11:25 AM): im pretty pissed off
Ungratefulbitty (9:11:27 AM): can i ask u a question
Kreedle I (9:11:30 AM): yes
Ungratefulbitty (9:11:46 AM): how come when i ask u to edit stuff its never complete
Ungratefulbitty (9:11:55 AM): like if u gave me a paper
Ungratefulbitty (9:11:58 AM): and asked me to edit it
Ungratefulbitty (9:12:21 AM): i would edit so that when i gave it back to u complete
Ungratefulbitty (9:12:30 AM): or atleast complete the way i would think it is
Ungratefulbitty (9:12:39 AM): but when u edit stuff
Ungratefulbitty (9:12:45 AM): there is more comments than editing
Kreedle I (9:12:54 AM): because i think that when people do that it inhibits them from knowing what they need to fix so they dont me same type of mistakes the next time
Ungratefulbitty (9:13:32 AM): but if i have the original. and i look at ur edited version. i can tell what u edited
Kreedle I (9:13:42 AM): with track changes... i do edit a lot but track changes shows you want i change in hopes that you will understand why i changed
Kreedle I (9:13:53 AM): oh i think stuff gets missed if you are just referencing the original
Kreedle I (9:14:20 AM): a comma to a semicolon -- that gets missed-- and it is very important to understand why and when a comma is changed to a semicolon
Ungratefulbitty (9:17:04 AM): i disagree
Kreedle I (9:17:16 AM): ok
Ungratefulbitty (9:17:24 AM): i know how to use a comma and a semicolon
Ungratefulbitty (9:17:49 AM): the reason why you ask someone to edit something is to fix any mistakes that you overlooked
Ungratefulbitty (9:17:59 AM): or to make something look better than before
Ungratefulbitty (9:18:11 AM): and i asked u to edit my paper
Kreedle I (9:18:15 AM): oh
Ungratefulbitty (9:18:22 AM): cuz i think that you have good writing skills
Kreedle I (9:18:46 AM): thanks
Ungratefulbitty (9:18:48 AM): and would be able to help me have a stronger personal statement
Ungratefulbitty (9:19:13 AM): but when u had it back to me with all these comments i still have to edit it again
Kreedle I (9:19:43 AM): then i guess you could say I proofread and comment... but i dont edit to final version material -- because it is the writers job to produce the final version
Ungratefulbitty (9:20:25 AM): whatever krystal. thanks for proofreading it. i guess ill ask someone else to edit it for me
Kreedle I (9:21:40 AM): o k
Kreedle I (9:22:45 AM): dont get your collegue to do it -- she's not that great a writer
Ungratefulbitty (9:23:05 AM): ur funny
Ungratefulbitty (9:23:37 AM): i ask you to do it cuz i thought u were a good writer. at least she edits it for me.
Kreedle I (9:23:55 AM): she can edit it but she's still not a good writer
Ungratefulbitty (9:24:02 AM): whatever
Ungratefulbitty (9:24:05 AM): dont worry about me
Ungratefulbitty (9:24:07 AM): ill get it done
Kreedle I (9:24:34 AM): dude when writers get their books EDITED their editors don't redo it for them... they comment... they proof... they do not fix it to final version material
Ungratefulbitty (9:24:47 AM): dont worry about it
Ungratefulbitty (9:24:52 AM): its cool
Ungratefulbitty (9:24:56 AM): i will ask someone else
Kreedle I (9:25:20 AM): okay im not going to argue with you about this .... you're the only person .. whoes papers i have ever edited who has had a problem with it... eveyone else just says okay.. fixes the issues and gets an A on their paper
Ungratefulbitty (9:25:30 AM): and furthermore i am not a writer or trying to be a writer.
Ungratefulbitty (9:25:40 AM): i asked u to help me with my personal statement
Auto Response from Kreedle I (9:25:40 AM): Artemis... great name for a horse... yes I know!


Ungratefulbitty (9:26:12 AM): and obviously you couldn't
Ungratefulbitty (9:26:16 AM): don't worry about it
Kreedle I (9:26:47 AM): Well then you're up for a feat in law school because it's all writing and reading ... that's all law school is...and you've got to know how to use the english language to get what you want... that's why the big companies always win because they can pay for lawyers who kno how to write [whether they hav epassion or not]
Kreedle I (9:26:53 AM): im not worrying about it
Ungratefulbitty (9:27:07 AM): whatever krystal
Ungratefulbitty (9:27:12 AM): ill do it
Ungratefulbitty (9:27:32 AM): and u dont need to know how to write to be a lawyer
Ungratefulbitty (9:27:42 AM): i work at one of the top lawyers in the country
Ungratefulbitty (9:27:50 AM): i mean law firms
Ungratefulbitty (9:27:55 AM): but it dont matter
Ungratefulbitty (9:28:04 AM): u did what u did, and i'll do what i gotta do
Kreedle I (9:28:32 AM): dude half of the people in law school were ENGLISH majors
Kreedle I (9:28:38 AM): they know how to write
Kreedle I (9:28:41 AM): the good ones do
Kreedle I (9:28:56 AM): okay maybe 1/3 were english majors
Ungratefulbitty (9:29:05 AM): okay. i am not gonna argue with you. if thats what u think
Ungratefulbitty (9:29:14 AM): i work with lawyers and they can't write worth a damn
Ungratefulbitty (9:29:19 AM): but thats not the point
Ungratefulbitty (9:29:28 AM): i dont need u to teach me how to write a paper
Ungratefulbitty (9:29:31 AM): i asked u to edit it
Kreedle I (9:29:42 AM): eveidently you do since you still write with all simple sentences
Ungratefulbitty (9:29:50 AM): u act like u know so much
Ungratefulbitty (9:30:03 AM): how about we forget about the paper
Ungratefulbitty (9:30:12 AM): i will NEVER ask u for anything again
Ungratefulbitty (9:30:24 AM): writing is not my best area so I asked you for help
Kreedle I (9:30:30 AM): and i helped
Kreedle I (9:30:36 AM): you dont get better if someone does it for you
Ungratefulbitty (9:30:38 AM): excuse me if I am not such a WONDERFUL writer like yourself
Kreedle I (9:30:48 AM): you get better by soeomone showing you a better way so you can implement it next time
Ungratefulbitty (9:30:49 AM): whatever Krystal
Ungratefulbitty (9:30:52 AM): that was a low blow
Ungratefulbitty (9:30:55 AM): so how about
Kreedle I (9:31:04 AM): me not finishing school yet
Kreedle I (9:31:08 AM): what is that where you're going
Kreedle I (9:31:11 AM): that was not a low blow
Kreedle I (9:31:14 AM): that was honest
Ungratefulbitty (9:31:21 AM): u say nothing to me from now on. And I will keep it moving with my "simple sentences".
Kreedle I (9:31:38 AM): well ya had a lot of them in there
Kreedle I (9:31:53 AM): sometimes the truth ain't pretty
Kreedle I (9:31:59 AM): but it doesnt stop it from being the truth
Ungratefulbitty (9:32:05 AM): lol there is a lot i could say to you too
Ungratefulbitty (9:32:08 AM): but i wont
Ungratefulbitty (9:32:12 AM): thats not the point
Ungratefulbitty (9:32:50 AM): can u stop writing me. I want nothing to do with you anymore. I came to you as a friend to ask you for help. But you and your "better than everyone" attitude took it to the limit.
Kreedle I (9:33:37 AM): you're right and everything that you "could say to me" i could say to myself too... i know about self-introspection... i know my flaws, and my mistakes so nothing you could really say could really do all that much to me-- its nothing that i have not realized myself