Text Messages Are the Devil!

How many of you have either initiated or confirmed a middle of the night rendez-vous through text messaging? Go ahead. Raise your hand. You know you've done it.

How many of you conservative closet nymphos have said all of the naughty things you've heard in the movies, but dared not say before text messaging gave you that outlet? Go ahead. Raise your hand. You know you've done it.

How many of you rat bastards have totally taken full advantage of someone who totally just wanted to spend time with you by iliciting horizontal dancing via SMS? Raise your effin hand, so I can slap it.

How many of you have ever received that text message that simply said, "B alone 2nite"? And you immediately called all of your homies with whom you were going to go clubbing and told them all you had to cancel because you were sick. Raise it up high. Don't be ashamed.

Fuck yeah you should be ashamed! Text messaging is evil! It gets you in those positions in which you know you should not take part. It gets you in that bathtub/shower with that sender, receiver who couldn't careless about anything other than the humidity factor in the great down under.

All of this to say... Text Messaging is sex. and Sex is bad! We should all practice abstinence. B-cuz once you pop [and get text messaging] uuuuuuuuu can't stop!

*oringally posted 11/1/2005-- worth revisiting...


ahleks said...

This must be some world of text messaging that I never met!

ahleks said...

Text messages are only evil when the message being sent is evil you nut! ... How about the innocent 'I'm gonna be a little late.' or what if I'm occupied and I want to know the score to the big game and text a buddy who is watching it to ask?

You, miss, are suffering from a case of the tunnel vision! I didn't raise my hand once! What kind of messages have you sent? lol

They destroyed our memories to build a Chitople. said...

you love when i text u girlie

Kristina said...

if only i'd read this like 4 months ago... DANGIT! lol

Stupid text messages..