My Favorite Holiday

Ahh the time has come for a change in the year. I don't know why but New Year's brings such a calm peace to me it's really quite surreal...

New Year's is a chance for me to look back and make realizations about what this past year has brought me:
  • I realized that this year my salary is about $9000 more than it was just two years ago. This year I went from an intern, to an assistant, to an administrator/ facilitator.
  • How surreal is it that looking back, I realize that I saw him only once this year.... just once. And I'm okay with that.
  • I found happiness this year. I found happiness with myself, and my happiness resides in my hands, not the hands of my friends, not of my family, and not of a significant other.
  • I have gone a whole year without seeing or speaking to Justin.
  • My friend Desiree has moved to DC.
  • I discovered Facebook.com
  • 2005 brought me a new godson.
  • I actually active in a church again -- I don't just go anymore.
  • I've been homeless this year -- displaced by the hurricane.
  • I've been a mother this year-- due to the hurricane.

As I think of more to add to the list.. I certainly will come back and add them...

But right now, I am going to go take a bath because I stink. I have spent the last 7 and a half hours painting sets for a 15 minute play.... yes I know I know... what-a-nut!! More like a smelly skunk! Gotta jet!


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Candydiva04 said...

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday.. (I remember you posted on my blog that yours is around the same time as mine)