Miss Human Resources Director: Oh Ye of Little Faith

This new human resources director at my job [she started here only like two months ago, but approached me as if I were a normal incompetent 23 year-old] with the I don't think you should take so many hours in school and work fulltime. Are you sure you will be able to handle school at work.

I informed her that while working fulltime in San Antonio, and maintaing an excellent job-performance record-- I carried 15 hours at Trinity University, including classes like Cal II and Physics for Engineers. My grandmother died right before finals so I missed the last week of classes and I still managed to maintain a GPA of 3.5.

Even after I informed her of that she still finds the need to ask me about school [not in a sincerely caring manner-- in a I'm waiting for you to realize you're not good enough to do both well manner]. I hate when she asks.

So after working a 40 hour week, I came to my office on both Saturday and Sunday to knock down a list of 18 things "to-do" that sprung up between Thursday and Friday [after I'd just completed a list of 10]. I thought it was more than appropriate to send to miss HR this email, as I packed my things to leave around 9:17 p.m.

Dear Miss HR:
I know you were concerned about how school would affect my performance here. I am just sending this email to let you know that I am leaving the office now [Sunday 9:13 p.m.] after about 4 hours, and I was here yesterday from about 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. I was able to take my list of 19 things of to-dos down to 13.

I do strive to be good at what I do, both here and away from school, and I hope that my work here over the weekend goes a long way to show you that I do in fact take my job seriously.

I do look forward to working with you on HRforce.com. I really do believe that it will be a great asset in helping you in the HR department, and others should you attain any HR assistants in the future.

I know that over email it may be hard to determine the tone in which a person means to convey his/her message; please be assured that my intended tone is one of reassurance.

K.D. Carter
Marketing Administrator

I thought I was nice.... right...

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zillz said...

she's gonna think that you hate her guts and we both know thats 150000000% true.

liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike? ;)

keep this updated homey