On My Soapbox Today

Big women can cook but smaller women are healthier. And sex dies in a relationship. Chris Rock told me that last one.

Get the Fuck outta here!

What the hell is wrong with people today. The above ignorant remark came from Zilla Says post for the day. I read this and nearly shat myself.

Smaller women are healthier my ass. Tell me this, how can you be healthy if you don't eat shit. How can you be healthy if you go through "agonizing" procedures, diets, and "meal plans" to keep yourself small? How can eliminating any of the necessary food groups be healthy. By doing this you deprive yourself of numerous comination of Vitamins A, B, C, D, and/or E. How is this healthy. Even Dr. Atkins himself died from a simple ass fall -- and even if not proven-- it's highly possible because he had deprived himself of necessary food.

I am a BIG GIRL. Yes I can cook, but I can also still do two miles in under thirty minutes. My blood pressure is really good [even for someone of a normal size -- the blood donations nurse had the audacity to say that shit to me], and I am not too shabby under the bench.

My favorite vegetable is spinach and I eat either spinach, broccoli, and/or green beans EVERYDAY. When I go out to eat, I'll order salad as my meal [even if I am not on a date]. I also do not have a problem ordering steak, if it is what I want [protein sucka].

Have you ever seen skinny ass women with hair or "fur" on their faces? It's because THEY DON'T EAT ENOUGH, and their body is trying to find warmth from the outside because with lack of nutrients internal insulation is not really possible! So tell your "smaller hairier healthy twig girls" that they don't need to shave! THEY NEED TO EAT.

Men can be rolly polly fat slobs, but women can't because men need to be visually stimulated?!?! If you want to stimulate a man show him a pussy! It can even be diseased; he won't care. If you can't look at me and get all the visual stimulation you need then I won't fucking want you anyway.

So as for me, I will EAT; I will continue to WORK OUT; I will FUCK like a bunny; and I will DIE HAPPY and HEALTHY!!! If anyone doesn't like it s/he can EAT SHIT!


Fallon U. said...

Hey Kreedle! I had to leave a message becasue you're describing me when you talk about "smaller women" (I'm petite--5'1" and 111 pounds for anyone reading this who may not know me) although I also want to make sure you know that's NOT the lifestyle that I lead.

If I want a burger, I eat it; if I want a cookie, I eat it; if I want BBQ, I eat it; if I want ice cream I eat it...I think you know where I'm going with this. I don't deprive myself of any food--I just eat it in moderation.

Unfortuantely, in today's society, so much emphasis is put on dieting (not to mention that many who diet wind up gaining back the weight they "lost" and some more on top of it) and depriving rather than adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Here's the difference: what you describe--eating in moderation with a balanced diet and excercising--is a healthy lifestyle. Depriving yourself of carbs for three months or going on Atkins for two months is highly unhealthy--and it can be deadly.

I think the point that the quote may be trying to make is that being bigger puts a person at higher risk for developing high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and for having heart attacks due to those and some other factors. Additionally, being a larger preson can further agitate some of those conditions and lead to a heart attack and/or other more serious problems.

Now, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen to skinny people--Bill Clinton just had a quadruple bypass, although he looked to be in pretty good condition. High cholesterol (and all of those other conditions) can occur in anyone--regardless of size.

So in a nutshell, the quote makes a blanket statement, but so did you!

Just becasue someone's small doesn't mean they're not enjoying life...but just because someone's big does not automatically make them unhealthy.

Alright, I'm done! Love ya lots Miss Krys! Take care!!

Jay said...

Weight and health have little to do with each other - anyone can drop dead of a heart attack, it all depends how you treat that heart in day to day life. Some people are naturally small, and some naturally big, and as long as you work out and eat right, your heart will love you back. Simple as that.

Diets are for the stupid. Depriving your body of any necessary food group is the most convoluted anti-logic there is. We don't need to change people's bodies, we need to change their minds, which is much much harder.

Evil Minx said...

Amen sister.

And that's all I have to say.

Evil Minxxx