My Brother-In-Law Is On CRACK!

This excerpt is the conversation between my brother-in-law and his boss.... I knew he was a crackhead!

mike: "what are you doing tomorrow night"

dave: "tuesday... let me check... nothing, what scary chore do you have for me?"

mike: "how about going to the world series"

dave: "woa. yes! wow. thank you."

dave: "can you get my wife in there?"

mike: "let me check, I'm about to pick up the tickets now. I''ve given the others away though"

calls him back

mike: "I have six tickets and have commited the five, unfortunately I can't get Aisha in"

dave: "I know this will sound like I'm on drugs, but I'll be either be glued to the TV with my wife or sitting in the stands with her."

mike: "I totally understand. I hope your wife knows the amazing man she has."

:) Yes, I think she does.

My sister's response to her husband telling her this story...

You ARE on drugs.
That wasn't a request.
I appreciate the love. Please, if the offer still stands, go to the game!


This all sounds a little too Good Will Hunting for me!

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