Revisiting the Readers' Favs

In the style of Areyl, I decided I would list for you my posts which seem to have been the post popular among the readers of TIOPCW.... so here you go!

Bringing up the rear in 4th place, I have 3 post which each received 6 comments:
In 3rd place with a whopping 7 comments we have:
In 2nd place, and probably my all time favorite:
And in 1st place, and I should almost feel bad for highlighting this one, but who cares! Is probably the most emotional one for me to date... although if you read the comments you'll get to see what makes an already emotional piece just flat out humiliating.... but damn if it wasn't some of my best writing ever thank you for that...

Number One All Time Favorite Among My Readers:

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ahleks said...

I guess your complaints about my lack of comments holds water ... I don't think I commented on any of your reader faves. I guess the ones I commented on weren't good enough for everybody else. lol