Forgot to Mention

My ex-bestfriend had her baby [for real this time]!

Be proud of me; I even went to visit her in the hospital, and took a few gifts. I mean, once upon a time, our friendship was worth a hundred bucks in baby products.

What was weird, was during that entire hospital visit [which lasted all of maybe 7 minutes], it all seemed quite void. It was void of the magical kinship that I sometimes though would surface, should we ever run into each other again. There was no room for nostalgia. She's forging a new life, one that I do not even feel sad that I'm missing.

I don't say that to sound cruel, but it is what it is. How do you not miss something like the friendship that was had? Maybe it's just another one of those things that I will never understand, but have no problem accepting.

I guess it's just like reading... then finishing a chapter of a book.

No regrets. Just moving forward.


Jennifer said...

I remember having a hard time when a couple of my real good girlfriends and I drifted apart. I moved away and we all started doing different things. We tried to talk and stay close but we had nothing to talk about anymore.

I like your analogy of reading a book. That's perfect.

(found you through BE)

Kim said...

I know what you mean. I had a very good friend that I parted ways with last year. I thought that I would miss her since we were so close but no. You move on, no big deal.

Lena said...

I have a friendship like that. She and I are cool, but we aren't super close anymore. I've had friends that I've grown apart from and when I was younger it used to hurt so much. Now, I'm always very surprised at how much I "understand" that things are just going to be that way. In the past, I've gotten so emotional over losing a friend or going in a different direction than a friend I've had for years. With her though, I just accept that it's going to be like this. I'm okay with it. I saw ya leave a comment on Ahleks' blog about how you didn't get a comment and I thought I'd let ya know how much I enjoy reading your blog . I've been reading your for about 2 months now. Take care!

TILDA said...

I totally understand what you mean, I broke up with my best friend a couple of months ago and saw her recently.
I did not feel warm at all and I suddenly realised that I did not miss her at all.
It's strange how such an important part of your life can seem so irrelevant. People come into your life to pass by, some stay longer than othere. But ultimately they all leave.