Raise Your Hand If You Have A Company Expense Account

Can you see it?

My hand... it's raised... can you see it?

Oh the great perks of working in corporate America. Sometimes it's sad to think, teachers, the people who are responsible for our education affording us the opportunity to join the corporate world, do not get to enjoy the simple pleasures that we corporate folk do.

I'm still in NYC, and will be here until Friday or Saturday. I called My Superman (I'm his Moviestar) who now resides in NYC to see if he wanted to meet up and see a show on Broadway while I'm here. The great part is that I get to expense like everything... our pre-play dinner, our Broadway tickets, the amazing maragritas that I have here at the hotel daily [they are the best I've ever tasted, but the bartender told me he learned how to make them while living in Texas], the $18.10 Swiss Cheeseburger, dinner with a friend of mine from Hampton, the taxi rides I started taking because one day of the subway is just about all I am willing to handle, and most importantly my phat hotel suite facing Times Square [including but not limited to my room service, and dry cleaning].

How could anyone pass up the lucrative ops that the corporate world has to offer. Some teachers have to damn near beg and plead for reiembursements for their Office Depot receipts when they buy supplies for their classrooms. That is just rediculous; we really ought to do better by them.

Anyway back to NYC. Yesterday, I met my friend from Hampton at her office about 13 blocks from my hotel. She wanted me to go with her to Queens, and she'd bring me back to the city later that night. I complied, but only because I didn't know what the trip to Queens would entail. First, we had to take what had to be the MOST jam packed subway into Queens [a ride that lasted 943809584 hours], then once in Queens we had to take a city bus for another 903948503 minutes to her block. Now, I'm a Southern city girl. We drive cars. All of that public transportation was a bit too much for me to handle. I can't believe she makes that commute almost daily. Needless to say, she drove me back into the city because we were not doing that commuting thing again. I will just say that I was very impressed with how inexpensive all of that was. We went a total of [I'm assuming here] 17 miles for only $2. The transfer from the subway to the bus was free. That's definately cheaper than gas!

Well, Superman and I will go see "Mama Mia" on Wednesday; I'll let you know how that goes. Hey if it's really good, maybe we'll get some Superstars out of it [winks].


Mr. Jackie O'Quinn said...

If Corperate America sounds is so great. You should try the home based business lifestyle. Your corperate expense account would be my tax write offs.

Free Lancer said...

Mine too is raised. Can you see?