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Voice of the Fan

Ever since I checked my six voicemessages and was Nextel two-wayed out of my sleep yesterday day by my dearest friend Joey... I have been glued to all Draft prediction material.... if there's draft '06 on the back of gargabe cans I've read it. I guess I've been glued to all things VY since last Wednesay morning when I sent all of my friends text-messages [at 5:36 a.m.] wishing them a Happy UT Championship Day! [yes Wednesday morning before VY and the Longhorns clinched the win].

My question is ... Why is it even a question? Why salvage a mediocre/good QB who really hasn't prooven himself in the past 4 years, when you are getting a new coach, and you can basically rebuild the franchise with a player who is re-ignite the morale of the Houston Texans fanbase and just possibly... quite possibly continue to have a career in football that never ceases to amaze his fans and make believers out of people who never really paid him any attention.

Running backs don't sell tickets; QBs do. If we miss out on VY and do not have a tremdous season next year... the Texans will never hear the end of it from its "former" fans who've traded over to the Tennessee Titans... I'll tell you what... if he goes to Tennessee... I'll have to buy myself a Titain jersey [well all know how I feel about Greek Mythology any way].

Yes I understand that Pro football is very differnt from college ball, but people also said "well high school ball is very different from DI football" and he proved himself in college too....

The Texans will forever regret not drafting VY... because he is going to have a breakout amazing career in football.

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