Mr. 26 Things has unfortunately Resurfaced

As I was minding my business, and just as I thought that May 13th would be the last I'd ever heard from Mr. 26, I get a phone call while driving the company car around the city doing some little ish. The conversation as it transpires... roughly.

"Can I talk to Krystal?"
"Um this is she."
"Oh my god. I'm so glad you answered. I've been looking for your number for months. Man, I've been looking for your number forever"
"Um okay. It's good you found it then."
"Yeah so how have you been? I've been thinking about you for months"
"I'm well but may I ask with whom it is I am speaking?"
"Who is this?"
"Oh it's (insert his name that begins with a J here) from the parking lot at your old job."
akward pause as i am trying very hard not to sound like aw shit i thought i was rid of you
"Oh hi. Well , I'm on another call so I'll have to call you later"

"How much later?"
"Not sure. I'm on the other line."
"Oh okay."
"Bye" clicks back over to continue conversation with cousin

five minutes later

"krystal are you still on the phone?"

more to come....

arrrrruuuuuuughhhhhhhhhh. I promise, if I had not hand-picked my number ot be my birthday, I'D CHANGE IT!


Vixen said...

LOL!! Good luck with that!

Kim said...

What the...?

Princessy said...


You need a black outfit, a bodybag, and a nice sharp/blunt object to take care of this man

EXSENO said...

Ihaven't been with you that long so I'm just wondering, if there is some reason why you're not just laying on the line,What I mean do you have to work with him or something.

If all else fails tell him you are commeted to someone else, or will that not do it for him.