A Speechless 12 Days... from Houston

I know it has been a while, and Areyl has charged me with forgetting how to blog, so here I am. As I am sure all of you, as I have, been engulfed by Katrina images on the news, internet, television, radio, and at church.

Sometimes, I wonder if the rest of the world, outside of the Gulf Coast is as surrounded by the daily reminders that life in a city that was once so livly is all but destroyed.

In attempts to not sound selfish, I am wondering what will happen with the economy of the state of Texas if all of these evacuees decide to make Texas their new home. An immediate increase of nearly 230,000 people would stand to greatly damage our economy. I understand that people are going to try to make a new life, which may not include returning to Louisiana, but we have got to figure out a way to disperse families accross the states as to not cause a devistation or economical proportions.

There are so many more things I want to say, but as has been the case for the past 12 days, I'm somewhat speechless.

All I really have to say is I truely hope they do not bring Mardi Gras and/or The Bayou Classics to Texas.

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