Never Look Back. Even if it Means well...

There were "Untitled", "26 Things I Hated About Him", and the "The New Guy".
With whom the hell else will the gods find to curse me?!?!
Just leave me alone -- I'm happy that way!

So a long time ago I posted "The New Guy." That was probably around February something or other. A friend had introduced me to this guy, who I thought was surprisingly everything that I thought was pretty great. Naturally, this made me quite skeptical of him, because I know that there is always a catch.

Well, that era has ended; I thought it had ended months ago when I blocked him from my buddy list once he told me that he'd gotten married. Apparently, he married in April. He was so happy and they even got pregnant on the honeymoon.

Thanks to Google, and the fact that I still have him listed in my email contacts like, GoogleTalk he was able to contact me, out of the blue, just as I had begun to forget he'd existed. I don't know what I was thinking, carrying on a conversation with him, as if it were okay to do so. I spoke of my determination to stay single, and he apologized as if he felt he had anything to do with my decision again relationships and commitment. He didn't; he, as well as Mr. Untitled, were merely reinforcement for what I have known for a very long time.

We ended up talking on the phone; I thought I could handle it since I'm inamoured with the French guy now-- sidebar there is a new French guy, with whom I am allowed to be inamored because I cannot become attached because he is an Atlantic ocean away. But I tell you, a voice can bring back all kinds of emotions that you've thought have passed because of the length of time elapsed.

Trying to make small talk, I asked when the baby was due. He said a couple of weeks from now. STOP!!!!!!! WAIT!!!!!! This is September! Unless he has fortified supergestating sperm, that kid would have been conceived in January or February. That changes the mix quite a bit. While I thought this when he told me the date, I said nothing. I ended the conversation with the fact that my chicken salade was more important that continuing our conversation, and he ended it with "we should keep in touch." WRONG! No we shouldn't. He is a married man. Nuff said. I do wish he and his wife all the happiness in the world. But keeping in touch is an unnecessary evil.

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