Comming of Age

He told me that I had gotten over him. I was stunned. Wait-stop- I will not write about him, not tonight.

Today was my last day at the law firm. You are now reading the blog of a new Marketing Assistant. I think I am going to like this new job. There are only two females in our whole entire office this should be cool. How about I give you something worth reading.

Sitting in a room on a fair almost-summer-night in Texas, I am talking to the French and craving a lemon berry slush from Sonic. I tried one today with Tequilla as I drove down the new Ft. Bend tollway; it was actually really good. Why pay $5 for a margarita if I can just get a cherry or berry limeade from Sonic for $1.59 [or $.89 during happy hour], and just add tequilla!

yeah that really wasn't worth reading. oh well... off to bed.

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