Reletting Vengeance, Anger and Angst

"Vengeance is Mine; I shall repay," says the Lord.

I'm reletting my vengeance, anger, and angst. I am "de-posting" my previousl article "Six Years of Lunacy," because it was rude-- while well-warranted-- I don't fair too well with rude. It doesn't suit me, because it accomplishes nothing.

I've been hurt-- mainly by myself and what I allowed myself to belive. I've been hurt; big fucking whoop-- so has everyone else. I've been hurt, but I am going to believe that none of it was intentional: just a result of two people [myself included] making some poor decisions. I am going to shake it off and step up.

And when I meet that dude (or female-- in my closet life), whom I think is just wonderful, and everything that I imagined I'd ever wanted, then I'll merely just...

lol leave one.. my comments are starting to look scarce

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Fallon U. said...

You're silly! But I definitely respect what you've said. It's so true...we're hurt and angry and we feel like we're the only one who's ever been that hurt by anyone on the face of the earth in the whole history of the universe.

But then we calm down and realize that there have been others and that through everything there is one certainty: life goes on.