Recurring Dream/Nightmare and Nightsweats

Have you ever woken up to a dream that just won't go away? For the past five days I have woken up to the same series of flashbacks; they were so real, they were almost tangible.

What's hard is figuring out how to make them go away. Either they are a harbinger, what is
supposed to be, or a form of torture reminding me of what I am so desperately trying to shun. This morning, for the first time in my life, I woke up in a sweat.

My air was on seventy-six degrees [and this is really cold for me], and my fan was blazing, and I still woke up sweating because of the subconscious movies that I have been forced to watch, and thereby relive everyday for about a week.

What to do?

Comment: So what is your worst recurring dream/nightmare? And how did you get it to stop?


ZETAZEN said...

None at the moment....I just can't sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

My worst dream that keeps happening I would have to say is when I was lost in a circus and clowns were haunting me. I got it to stop because I made myself think of something good when I was laying down to go to sleep. When I thought about something good, good dreams happened.

Be Easy.Be Respectful.Be Safe.Be YOU.