Begins with K and ends with SEXAY

I shall pretend to be a girl tonight, and blog about this new guy. For the past three or so weeks, I have admired this guy from afar; we work together. Just recently, he received a promotion in our engineering department, and thusly his office was moved right next to mine!

I do not know if he is beautiful so much as he has a wonderful voice. His voice, it's not too deep, and not too high. It's just plain sexy, and I am not sure if he knows it or not. Since he's moved to an office directly adjacent to mine, we talk a lot more; and everytime he calls my name "Krystal," he says, I have to turn and look away in order to hide the oh so involuntary pacified expression that surfaces. Whenever we hold an extended conversation, I always feel the urge to check my panties--if I'm wearing any at all-- to make sure all is dry!

Imagine closing your eyes, and beautiful Latino-- I've never been into a Latino before-- and as he begins talking, you feel his vocal vibrations tug at the very nucleus of your soul. He doesn't have an accent, so it's hard to explain what it is exactly about this voice that has me so inamored.

Three days ago, I accidentally locked myself between the warehouse and the company's corporate office building, and he had to be the one to come and let me out. I felt that the situation was too funny to be embarrassing, especially since he has a great sense of humor. We laughed about it even over lunch today. While riding on the back of his Yamaha, on our way to lunch, I am sure he had no idea what naughty thoughts ran through my mind, as he had no idea what naughty thoughts began to run through my head once I realized he was coming back to save me from my distressed situation.

OMG, today even beyond talking, this dude starts humming Shai's "If I Ever Fall In Love Again," I was sitting in my office like no effin way. Obviously, that led him to begin a quite lengthy conversation about "baby making music," and I'm thinking, "If yo sexy sounding ass only knew that, I have that Soaking Wet Seductions CD-- one I made for ole dude-- but I would definately be willing to share it with my new booty, I mean office buddy-- with his sexy ass!

Wow, I didn't know I thought that much about it. But no worries, this ain't no love thang-- I am not that crazy; I am still just peepin the little cutie!

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EXSENO said...

Maybe it will turn into something that you are not expecting???