Live Like You Were Dying

I went sky divin'
I went Rocky Mountain climbing
I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Man Choo
And I loved deeper,
And I spoke sweeter
And I gave forgiveness I've been denying
And some day I hope you get the chance,
To live like you were dyin'
Tim McGraw

Sometimes I wonder what outrageous things I would do if I knew that I would die in a week. I wonder if there would be certain persons whom I would bend over backwards to see. I wonder if I'd be nervous or totally content with the way my lifed had unfolded.

I would. I would have no regrets. I have learned many things from many people and experiences in my life; through these people I have been able to experience, happiness, love, and appreciation.

Even the painful, and hurtful experiences have been worthwhile, for how can one truly understand and appreicate happiness if s/he has known no sadness? How can one truly experience love, if s/he has never known hurt. How can one truly revel in completing goals, if s/he has never had setbacks.

I don't want to go just yet. There are goals that I have not completed yet, and I would love to see those things through to the end. However, I would still have no regrets.

Honestly, if I knew I was going to die soon:
  1. I think I would try sky-divin'.
  2. I wouldn't climb a mountain, but maybe I would jump off of a platform diving board.
  3. I don't really have anyone to forgive, because I try to do that frequently, and thankfully I am not consistently hurt by those close to me, so forgiveness is not a daily chore.
  4. I don't know how I could love deeper, and even if I were dying, I wouldn't want to love any deeper.
  5. I'd donate blood one last time, and make sure I was set to be an organ donor.
  6. I'd have one last party with all of my friends, and aquaintances especially those with whom I'd fallen out of touch.
  7. I'd hug my sisters, my mother, my brother, and my dad [okay and maybe I'd finally let my dog lick me in my face].
  8. I'd sing one last song with my cousin [one of our originals]
  9. I'd hold my godchildren and tell them how much they mean to me.
  10. I'd go to church, and sit on the front row
  11. I'd make sure I was right with my lord and savior Jesus Christ
  12. And I'd thank my daddy for pointing me in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

thats beautiful

The Important One said...

Deep, very deep. I have been thinking of something smart to say and nothing stupid. I think what I am trying to say in a smart way is, Cool pther people should try and doing this. I think you have to be a very strong(not physically) person to know what they want to do already before you die.You must be very confiedent in what you do and say. This blog has shown me a new side of you. Interesting Very Interesting.

Be Easy. Be You.

The Important One said...

Oh Yea you should try Drag Racing.. Much Fun... Wonderful...

Be Easy. Be You.

Kollin said...

Just make sure that before you die you drop off my blow dryer.

Nah, just kidding! I don't know what I would do if you were no longer here anymore! Maybe I should start writing my list of things to do cus if you left I will probably be pretty close behind you! I love your inspiration!

EXSENO said...

Very nice post. Make a person think.

The Important One said...

Hey, thanks for welcoming my sister. She is kinda new at it, and i am going to hav e to help out some. She wanted me to tell you thank you. But I am doing it too, thanks for that.