Miss Krys 100

In the style of Aleks, here is Miss Krys 100

  1. I am a middle child
  2. I have two sisters
  3. I am going to be very careful not to divulge any information that could be used for identity thieft in this list. I know everyone wants to be me.
  4. I hate feet
  5. I think they are disgusting
  6. I like watching Gray's Anatomy
  7. 24 is my favorite prime time show
  8. The Young and the Restless is my favorit show of all time
  9. I no longer get to watch it because I work
  10. I am a Marketing Assistant
  11. I grew up with both of my parents
  12. I am very heterosexual
  13. I am not homophobic
  14. I am single
  15. My best friends are my two sisters and my cuzibludin
  16. I went to private school for 7 years
  17. I loved the last 4 years of private school
  18. I am from Texas
  19. If I had voted in this election, I would have voted for Bush.
  20. Since I live in Texas my statemates took care of it for me
  21. I believe welfare recipients should have to work to receive benefits
  22. I do not condone people spitting out tons of kids and getting a check cut from my tax money.
  23. I am a grammar stickler
  24. I hate when people use prepositions at the end of sentences, independant clauses, or questions
  25. If I could choose any career in the world, I would be Oprah
  26. If offered $500,000,000.00 for eating crap, I would happily comply
  27. I have two laptops and one desktop
  28. I live alone
  29. I have lived on my own since I was 19
  30. I pay too much for rent
  31. But I have a really pretty lake on my property, so I keep telling myself it's okay
  32. I work with 20 guys and 1 female in our corporate office
  33. I have been to Hampton University
  34. I have been to Trinity University
  35. I will finish from The University of Houston
  36. I am a member of the largest church in the nation
  37. I get to church an hour early just so I can get a good seat
  38. I go to church on Saturday night to avoid the Sunday morning hoard of people
  39. I read a devotional every morning
  40. I do not forsee myself getting married
  41. I am not sad about that
  42. I do not forsee myself having children
  43. But I think that may change
  44. If I do have kids then I want 3 girls and 1 boy
  45. I want my son [if he ever exists] to play football
  46. Because I want to be a football mom [if I decide to have kids] and have football dinners at my house catered by Carrabas and Pappas resturants
  47. I broke 1000 on my SAT's
  48. But my score still made me cry
  49. I play Madden
  50. But my defense is really bad
  51. Football is my favorite sport
  52. I have a handbag with my face on it
  53. I was named after Krystle Carrington on Dynasty
  54. My best male friend is expected to go to the NFL after this year
  55. I'll pray that he doesn't hurt himself this season
  56. I made a decision to enjoy everyday
  57. I like Kellogg's Raisin Bran
  58. Spinach is my favorite green vegetable
  59. I've always wanted a tiger
  60. I am no good with intimate relationships
  61. I do extremely value my friendships
  62. I have known all of my friends for at least 7 years
  63. My mom is talking to me about romance right now
  64. It makes me want to puke
  65. I think love makes people illogical
  66. I need logic to feel sane
  67. I have been blogging since February 2005
  68. Valentine's fakeHoliday is my least favorite holiday
  69. I only go to stores once between December 26 and February 15th each year
  70. I grocery shop for more than a month and a half worth of food so I do not have to subject myself to pink and red hearts
  71. I have disliked Valentine's fakeyholiDay since I was little
  72. I have never turned a cartwheel because I think my arms are too short
  73. I've maxed at 145 under the bench
  74. My mother has developed a severe case of teritts syndome which causes her to yell LUTHER at random points throughout the day
  75. I got kicked off the V squad when I was 18 or 19
  76. I do not regret my first
  77. We are still very good friends [strictly platonic friends]
  78. I have coordintated three weddings
  79. I love white cranberry juice
  80. I lost my best friend of 7 year because she became a pathological liar
  81. I haven't talked to my male best friend in 7 months-- he's dropped off the face of the planet
  82. I am currently looking for a replacement
  83. I have two godkids
  84. My bed is called a Spinal Majestic King Koil
  85. I bought it because it was very pretty
  86. I think Brad Pitt is very sexy
  87. I have seen The Lion King in its entirity over 81 times
  88. I stopped counting at 81
  89. I speak English backwards fluently
  90. I call the language Pilf Polf
  91. I was bossy so I made my cuzibludin learn Pilf Polf too
  92. When we do not want people to know what we are talking about, we talk in Pilf Polf on the phone
  93. Monterrey is my favorite cheese
  94. My mom is listening to Luther songs right now and it's driving me crazy
  95. I have Sprint Ready-Link
  96. I love cooking for other people
  97. If I were to die tomorrow, I would have no regrets.
  98. I am a huge Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock fan
  99. I think Erica Bana is sexy
  100. I believe that today is yesterday's consequence, and that if I want to change my tomorrow, I have to change my decisions today.


Becky said...

I have always wanted a tiger too!

Free Lancer said...

I fully subscribe your assertion # 100 above. That is what I am trying to do since ages but some time this simple act is so difficult. No?

Jen said...

I hate Valentine's Day, too! It seems stupid and made up...


EXSENO said...

That is a very good list. We see eye to eye on several things there.

Kelley said...

#22/#23...YES, YES, YES! (And no money for illegal aliens!)

#87 ...clearly you are not a stickler for spelling. It is "entirety." Maybe you could go easy on us when we make a grammar mistake? *GRIN*

All comments aside...I love reading other people's "100s". You sound like a fascinating, dynamic person.

I get "comments" about not being married and not being sure I'll ever be married, too. Although I wouldn't say I am thrilled at being single (possibly forever) I am not overly focused on my singlehood. There's too much to do (most of it worthwhile) to sit and sulk over what I don't have. Most of the time, I am having too much fun to notice there's no ring on my finger.

Sexy Strechmarks said...

This was hilarious my response is 1.Luther and teritts Syndrome...What!
2.pathological liar LMAO HAAAAAAAA!
3.I think Brad Pitt STANKS! cause he is with Angelina and she STANKS!
4. Hurray for Pilf polf