And so she shopped...and a couple Happy Birthdays

First of all, August is a month of many birthdays for those whom receive mine own affections. I take birthdays very seriously, especially mine. I make it a point to be the first person to say happy birthday, so I stay awake until 11:59 the night before and start dialing numbers so when the clock strikes 12 MY voice is the one they hear! Since I was a slacker today and yesterday, really I just couldn't force myself to care too much this year, I decided I didn't have to be the first... I would just blog a birthday note thusly imortalizing it.

So here we go:
  1. To the sexiest (because he's one of the smartest) double-digit Madison Marlin to ever grace the streets of Hiram Clarke... Gordon Lemond #44 c/o '95 August 16. We do not know how old he really is.... and neither does he!
  2. Another Madison Marlin whoes name I'm no longer allowed to say, and in whoes life I'm no longer allowed (see Untitled) The Name I'm Not Allowed to Say c/o '01 August 17th (today). I know his real age, but if you ask him to tell you, he'll prolly lie and say he's older.
  3. My cutsie little girly-non-girly cousin who has to put up with my other two very boyish boy cousins... poe her. Tyra Cole O'Neal c/o a long way from now August 18th

Speaking of birthday notes. My cousin and I decided that I need to creatively create a cutsie birthday card in Flash that says:
"Eff U and Your Birthday!!!"
and send this card to people we loathe. I'll get to work on it immediately!

So yesterday I went shopping. Yes. Shopping-- for clothes not DVDs. The whole reason I went shopping was to buy shirts and shoes. I wanted new shirts, and I need new shoes. If any of you are loyal readers you know how much I loathe shopping for vetements. However, I drug myself into the shopping center. Tried on a bit of everything... even button down shirts; I normally stay away from those because my boobs are too big and the buttons normally gap at the boosom area, but if I go up a size then the rest of the shirt will looks like a parachute, and I'm scared I'd fly away.

Anyway, I tried on tons of items, and bought quite a few things. However, I realized that when I left, I'd only purchased blazers, jackets, pants, and skirts! FOR WHAT REASON DID I SAY I NEEDED TO GO SHOPPING? SHOES AND SHIRTS! I did not buy one pair of shoes nor any shirts...can you say OFF TASK. [matters not the jackets, skirts, and the slacks are way cute].

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ahleks said...

See, if you were really committed to the importance of a birth date, you would heed to the time that person was born too and call them then!