Interrogation or Conversation

I have had numerous people become annoyed with me because I don't ask them questions about them. Because I never ask questions about them, they assume I don't care about getting to know them, and I am only self absorbed, and into myself. Oye vey. They are absolutely correct; there are many questions I really just couldn't careless about asking.
  1. I couldn't care less about what type of music you listen like. Why do people even ask this question anyway? What? Am I supposed to go out and buy you random Hip Hop CD's because you tell me you like Hip Hip bountee bountee music?
  2. I'm not going to ask you if you like to dance. I am especially not going to ask you if you are a girl, because I have no plans on dancing with you in the first place.
  3. I'm not going to ask you want you like to do on weekends and in your spare time. I just think "what do you like to do in your spare time?" is a stupid question.
  4. I'm not going to ask your favorite color, because it really doesn't matter: I'm not going to go out and buy you a pink dog that dances to hip hop while roller blading to the movies on Saturdays.
Please however, understand that just because I don't ask you "what's your favorite cereal?" that does not mean I am not interested in you. If I have talked to you more than twice in my life, chances are that I do care to get to know more about you, but crazy and wild thought coming I tend to get my information from good ole conversation. I'm just looking for peope who understand the "show don't tell method." If I say what do you like to do, and you say, "Sing, run, and blog," well then that kinds of sums it up.. no need to go any further. However if we just hold a naturally flowing conversation you afford me the opportunity to use context clues!

I use context clues. If we are on the phone and you tell me about your recent trips to Cali, Luxenburg, and Austrailia the I am going to assume you like to travel. I'm not going to ask you, if you like to travel.

If you mention in a conversation that you were watching the game last night, then I am going to assume you like sports. I am probably going to be right, unless you were just so bored to death that you had absolutely nothing else in the world to do but watch a televised version of a past time which you dispise.

Believe it or not, whether I appear to be or not, I am a very good listener. I don't just hear and wait for my turn to say something [about myself]; I listen. I have actually been able to catch a few people in a couple of lies by doing just that: listening. You can believe that if you are important to me, I am probably not only listening, but synthesizing, and storing everything that you say to me.

Now on to me being self-consumed. I am sorry if anyone feels that way. If it seems as though I talk about myself a lot [which I do not think I do] it is only because I feel like if me listening to others talk about themselves is how I get to know them, then one would need to hear me talk about myself in order for him/her to get to know me. Go figure.

I have a hard time answering the "what do you like to do for fun?" "what kind of food do you like?" blah blah blah questions. Sorry, but I've never sat down and made a list of "things that I like to do for fun." So it's hard for me to answer that question. However, if you really just have a burning desire to know more infor the Miss Krys 100 may help you out.

Bottom line: I would rather a conversation to an interrogation any day and twice on Sundays. So, I'll promise to never ask the lame-o questions if you will please return the favor.

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ahleks said...

So, do I get a royalty or something since this reminds me of a point made on my list? lol Just playing. But I totally agree with this post. I couldn't really explain why I don't like being asked such questions, but you pretty much laid it out there. I know for a fact that I don't sit down and make a list of everything I like either.

Good stuff!