I'll ____ Before I'm 50

After readin'g Kim's and Mike's I decided I'd make a To-Do list of my own. Let's see how much I do before 50.

  1. Sing a whole song on key without cracking.
  2. Go to the first Superbowl in which the Houston Texans participate!
  3. Name all 50 states without looking at a book or a map.
  4. Finish my dynastyevents.com website (it's been under construction for a year)
  5. Finish my undergrad degree
  6. Pay off my student loan
  7. Pay off the University of Houston
  8. Pay off my credit card
  9. Go to Hawaii
  10. Go to France
  11. Get a passport
  12. Buy a hybrid (the Toyota Priapus would be nice)
  13. Buy a garden home
  14. Buy rental properties
  15. Have an office job
  16. Take the stage again
  17. Buy a motorcycle
  18. Speak French fluently
  19. Speak Spanish fluently
  20. Learn how to break up with someone (nicely)
  21. Break up with someone one
  22. Get married
  23. Have kids
  24. Get Divorced
  25. In that order
  26. Make old-fashioned ice cream [in the wooden bucket]
  27. Stop reading people's away messages as a past time
  28. Blog at least once a week
  29. Write a movie, a book, or a play It was viewed by nearly 14,000 people
  30. Get involved in church
  31. Read my Bible everyday
  32. Stay at one church for at least 10 years
  33. Vote in every election
  34. Hold Houston Texans season tickets ever year
  35. Watch golf
  36. Work for myself as an independent consultant of in some capacity
  37. Meet Heath Ledger (I can't now-- mayhe RIP)
  38. Meet Shemar Moore
  39. Meet Ashely Judd
  40. Meet David Carr
  41. Stop fucking cursing
  42. Be an extra in a major motion picture
  43. Send my kids to The Kinkaid School
  44. Pay for my kids' higher education without financial aid
  45. Buy stock in something lucrative


Kim said...

I need #20 too. I never know how to break up with someone so I just end up sticking around till they break up with me. :o)

Chris said...

You should put in get divorce and remarried to the ex-spouse.

Just to spice things up a little!

Deliberate Chaos

EXSENO said...

WOW, tha's a awfully long list.lol

Pappy said...

Don't forgot to add have sex with me to your list.

Mackin with Pappy

Easy Eats said...

That sounds hard. Good luck!

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