The Time Is Right

When the time is right, you'll know. I have no idea what I'm saying here. I just thought it would sound good to blog about the right time for different things.

Let's see, the right time is:
  1. 5:00 p.m. - to leave work
  2. Age 26 - to get married
  3. Age 28 - to have a first child
  4. Age 24 - to buy a house
  5. when you open your eyes in the morning - to thank God for a new day.
  6. never -to whine or complain.
  7. when your eyes start to feel heavy - to go to sleep.
  8. Saturday night - to go to church to avoid the Sunday morning hoard.
  9. Everymorning - to vacuum your house, air your sheets and read the paper.
  10. every three days - to shampoo your hair [yes even if you are black].
  11. every other day- to wash your sheets
  12. as soon as you think it you think it - to tell someone you love him/her.
  13. every three hours - to eat and regulate your metabolism.
  14. right now - to stop this rediculous list that has no true substance.
  15. five minutes from now- to go to sleep.


Free Lancer said...

You have a point here. Only if I can adhere to some timings. Things keep happening to stop me from doing so.

Anonymous said...

If I went to sleep every time my eyes felt heavy, I think I would either get fired for sleeping on the job or accused of having narcolepsy!

EXSENO said...

This is a cute post. But if also has some good truths to it. Regulating my meal is one of my biggest downfalls.