Fondest Memories...No Regrets... and Thankful Cognitions

Today I watched a family burry its 14-year-old daughter. How hard must that be? I could not even begin to miagine. However, and I know people grieve differntly, this family was like a rock. A great thing is watching a family who's man is the head of his household, and is a solider for Christ. I can't imagine what it must be like to burry a child, but I can imagine that having a faith strong enough to which one can cling must be imeprative.

In the father's expressions he said he importuned God to "help him stand like a pine tree fore it may waiver but it will not break."

Since receiving the news about one of my former students [who became a ] family friend, I was fairly unemotional. I heard about her death, but I hadn't realized it until I drove up to the church last night and saw the herse parked in the lot. At that moment, I felt my heart flutter saying "Krys, it's really real." I stood outside fo the church for a a little while trying to prepare myself for what I knew lied in store for me, and the hundreds of friends and family standing outside as well.

I wasn't prepared for what was inside. I finally gathered up enough strength to go inside of the building, and inside on the large screen of this semi-mega church was a slide show of stil pictures...and a home video clip of her playing football with her family. She'd run a touchdown and the clip was of her running the touchdown, and her celebrating afterwards. She jumped all aorund wiht ehr hand in the air, knowing her, you could tell she was yelling and being April. Many people spoke of the light which she brought to their life. There really are no words to descibe her. You really just had to know her.

Of all of my students April is definately one of the three most unforgettable, and I am thankful for that cognition. I am thankful for the priviledge of having known her [and knowing her still].

Even though I hate when people do this, I guess I understand why now, I'm taking a vow today to live life! I am going to live big, just like April. I am not going to squander a moment, and more importantly, I don't want another person dear to me to die for me to be reminded of this vow. When I know I love someone, I am going to tell him/her whether s/he wants me to or not. I won't be affraid to love, and love big. I will realize when I've been bad or have veered off track and when I get back ont he right road, I will acknowledge from how far I've come. I will pray for and with people. I'll laugh. I'll smile, and I will bask in all things that are comprised in this life.

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EXSENO said...

Absolutely, you don't realize how fast life go's by until you look in the mirror one day and see and old person staring back at you and don't know when this happened. Then you realize that all those things that you put on the back burner to do later --well you may not ever get the chance to do.
But what ever you do be selfish put yourself first. I have many regrets.