Yesterday marked the beginning of a NEW TEXANS FOOTBALL SEASON I've been waiting on this day for months: ever since missing the Longhorns in the Rose Bowl on January 1st of this year and the last Texans game that I attended when they beat the Titans.

The Texans started their season yesterday [with a loss]. Granted, it was only a preseason game, and David Carr wasn't pitching... I mean quarterbacking, so there is still hope. Here are the things I'm hoping for this season:
  1. Fewer Carr sacks [last year there were like 46]
  2. More wins [but what fan doesn't hope for more wins?]
  3. Attendance to more games [I think I'll go ahead and section off a portion of my budget to include purchasing season tickets for next year's games] until then, I'll just have to pay for individual games, but I'll have to make more than just the one I made last year
  4. To find my Texans towel so I can waive it at the games
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY! For David Carr to let his hair GROW AGAIN! Whoo hoo. I know he's married, but I can still look.
In other football news, I am also looking forward to watching those boys in Auburn finally beat OU this year! Go Vince Go! Hook 'em Horns! The University of Texas football season officialy beings on September 3 when they play Louisianna-Lafayette. This means, if it is a Saturday, and they are playing DO NOT CALL ME unless you are watching the game too.
  • I've been a Vincent Young fan since high school-- and it won't stop now! Hook'em Horns!
  • I'll be watching for my friend Will Martin (Kunta) who is spicing things up at Texas A&M Kingsville, and is currently ranked number 1 on the DII 2006 NFL Draft Prospects for defense.
  • Let's hear a WHO! HAH! for my former private school aquaintance Austine Nwabuisi who now plays for the New York Jets! Maybe I'll have to get satellite so I can watch all his games.
  • I guess I'll have to add Chicago Bears games to my lineup since Cedric Benson is now a BEAR!
My girl CHRISTAL SEAHORN gets her own paragraph! Congrats on making cut! She's a Houston Energy (WPFL) player. I'll have to get season tickets to the Women's Professional Football League.


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ahleks said...

Hm, what fan doesn't hope for more wins? I would have to say a fan of a team that has gone 15-1 and 14-2 in the last two years. Oh yea, can't forget those Super Bowls either! Bwhahaha! I have to admit those Pats got me kind of jaded.

I'm not sure about those Longhorns, the Sooners have some sort of vice grip on their throats and whenever they play each other they just tighten it.

You better get your boy Benson to agree on a friggin' contract so he can actually get on the field!

That is all...