Favorite Things Revisited

Here comes a list of my favorite things revisited. If this list accidentally disappears too-- you all can forget it; I will not post it again! Okay here goes:
  1. Number: 45
  2. Color: hot pink
  3. City: Houston duh dummy
  4. State: TEXAS is as close as you can get to the promised land!
  5. Song(s): Can't Wait by Avant -- I love that song, Truth Is by Fantasia, and Ordinary People by John Ledgend
  6. Presidential Candidate for 2004: "W"
  7. Food: Lasagne
  8. Snack food: Thanks to Sabba I am not only addicted to Dryers Lime Whole Fruit popsicles, but also CHEETO PUFFS!!
  9. Candy: HariBo Gummy Bears -- the gold pack-- they are the BEST
  10. Resting Place: The spinal majestic
  11. White boy: it's a toss up b/w my JvK and my brother!
  12. Fitness Center: 24 Hour Fitness (yeah yeah i need to stop bloggin and take my apple over there)
  13. Day of the Week: Thursday
  14. Month: January (new beginnings)
  15. Animal: I've always wanted a tiger
  16. Book: right now Michael Eric Dyson Reader
  17. Website: www.thefacebook.com
  18. Pastime: chatting with people who live in france "Il faut practiquer mon francais avec eux parceque il n'y a personne en Texas qui parle le francais."
  19. Frozen Vegetable: Green Giant Brocoli
  20. Toilet Paper: Contonelle Ultra with Ripples
  21. Popsicle: Dryers Whole Food: Lime
  22. Actor: Sean Penn
  23. Comedian: Chris Rock
  24. Actress: Julia Roberts
  25. War Movie: Troy and Gladiator
  27. Moive of all time: Gone With the Wind
  28. Stuffed Animal: My Bobby Bear -- given to me by my Robert!
  29. Carpet Cleaner: Woolite Oxy Clean
  30. Sport: FOOTBALL -- if you didn't know this answer don't ever talk to me again in life!
  31. Pro Team: the Houston Texans [I'm a girl; I'm allowed to be loyal to the home team]
  32. College Team: Hook'em Horn! Texas Longhorn Football [Vince's biggest fan]
  33. Singer: India.Arie and Avant and John Legend are running close seconds
  34. Car: Land Rover Discovery
  35. Home Builder: David Weekley Homes and Perry Homes
  36. Resturant: Salt Grass, maybe LaMadeline or anything Pappas
  37. Fast Food Joint: WHAT-A-BURGER [don't you wish you lived in Texas]
  38. Ice Cream: Blue Bell Butered Pecan but Marble Slab Strawberry is running a close second
  39. Date: Out at the lake where "He Proposed to me" PSYCHE!
  40. Nostalgic Memory of the 80's: saying Psyche! after everything
  41. Nostalgic 80's tv show: Out of This World -- Alf coming close behind
  42. Nostalgic 80's Cartoon: Alvin, Simon, Theadore..do ..do .. do .. do .. do .. doo -- Duck Tales on their tails!
  43. Americans: the ones who pay taxes!
  44. Liberal: Des
  45. Store: Randall's

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