I Haven't Forgotten

I am still alive, but I still won't have the internet high speed cable at home until Friday! Arrugh.

Quick Updates:
  1. The "26 Things I hated about him" guy has resurfaced much to my dismay.
  2. "The New Guy" is really busy and I haven't talked to him in like three weeks and I think I really kinda miss him. Don't tell him I said that though; I can't have him getting a big head about himself
  3. Target is my new favorite grocery store
  4. My cousin - new mommy- is not getting any sleep. Daycare: $500 a month (thank God for the T-shapped cervix protector!
  5. I think that is all. Until I get another spare chance at work....
  6. Oh yeah Zilla and I are going to write a book.

1 comment:

ahleks said...

Didn't notice you left a posting on my wall until I checked the history and saw that u butchered the spelling of feliz cumpleanos lol

I was able to put it back up there though. Thanks for the message.