As you have probably guessed...I offically now have a godson.

The Stats:
Date: March 21, 2005
Time: 18:39:38 CST
Weight: 6lbs 8ozs
Length: 18.25 ins
Time in Labor: 12 hours; 39mins; and 38sec
Eyes: his mom's
Lips: his dad's
Nose: who knows
Name (well what I call him): Anderson

Yesterday's experience was so amazing. I, the godmother and second cousin, was actually in the delivery room. That was definately an unforgetable experience. I made three very important decisions while in that delivery room. A. I'm definately getting an IUD; B. I will have an epidural; and C. I am definately getting an IUD.

I still can't believe that little body came out of my cuzibludin. I mean people say that all the time, hell, I say that all the time. But I watched this little body ooze out! It was so unreal. I don't see how women go through all of that pain for men whom they do not love though. After watching my cuzibludin react to her contractions, I wanted to beat her fiancé for her! It's weird though, because she told me that when she saw her fiancé holding the baby that they made together [I have my own theory on this together stuff] she fell in love with him all over again.

All I can say is she's a better woman than me. That reminds me I need to schedule an appointment for my T-shaped cervix defender!

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Zilla said...

did it stink? It HAD to stink! and you gonna have to explain some of the other stuff. i.e. the relationship stuff.