Just Typing

The likelyhood that there will be typos in this passage is great. I am going for a "Finding Forester" writing style tonight. With my eyes closed, and my fingers on the keys, I let words escape me without any inhibition. I hope that I have something worthwhile to discuss. Things are quite uneventful right now. Thankfully, I'm not trying to olure or shun any dudes. I ake up and go to work, work m and come home. I went grocery shopping today and it took mem three hours, because I went to three differnt stores.
Just about the most exciting news for me right now, is that my godson, E, will be born on Monday. I am going to have to go to San Antonio, so I can be there when he pops out of my cousibluddin's uh-oh. I am excitied. I knitted him a baby blanket and it took me nearly eight months! It's huge.
I really have nothing else exciting to say tonight so I will not take up anymore of your time. Shouts out to Zilla, my sixteenth baby daddy!

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