Apologies: Why They Suck

In order for an apology to be warranted, an ill-doing must have preceded. The problem here is just that. The perpetrator and the apologist are one and the same. Many say that a perpetrator must apologize, and make amends for his/her ill-doing.

The problem problem with apologies is perpetrators can get off so easy because all he has to do is apologize, like that is all he can do. The victim is left with grunt work all of the time. She is the one who is reduced to nothingness, wondering what she did, why it happened to her, then she is left with the most taxing decision of whether to forgive or not to forgive. The problem then becomes that after the perpetrator has apologized not forgiving would only stand to harm the victim by making her bitter and angry.

What kind of effed up system is that? And repenting. This is why I could not be God. He listens to people apologize over and over for the same thing, and He continuously forgives. Whereas I would just be like, "Look! Stop doing it! I'll forgive you but only up to five times for the same offense. At some point you need to learn to take responsibility for your actions!" And this is why I am not God, and why apologizes SUCK!

Sorry this is rushed, but CSI: Miami is about to come on so I have to hurry.

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Princessy said...

I've thought about this before and I too came to the conclusion that apologies suck! Then I thought about it too, apologies aren't for the victim, but more so for the assailant. Once you realize what you've done wrong and are forced to verbally express this, its embarassing. As a result, the victim gets satisfaction out of a) the assailant noticing what he/she did wrong and b) seeing that the assailant is embarassed by having to apologize...SINCERELY apologizing. Now insincere apologizes are the devil....

p.s.-There arent Whataburgers in Ohio. That dumbass lives in Houston....ugh she makes me sick because she's so dumb