Why I like Country Music Now

Whether it is a matter or taste, musical stylings, chords, or rythms, matters not to me. The reason I have recently fallen in love the music of the South is because of its lyrics. At some point, I became tired of hearing "sex. fuck. bitch. hoe. fuck. money. scrilla. nigga. money. sex. dick. pussy. weed. syrup. money. jail. baby mama. baby daddy. hoe." I'm so tired of that. Sometimes I wonder why it attracts so much attention.

Thinking back I can remember the exact moment that I fell in love with Country (at the risk of sounding a lot like Sanaa from Love and Hip Hop oops I mean Brown Sugar). I was driving to my sisters house when I heard Tim McGraw's "Don't Take the Girl." For the first time in my life a song's words actually brought me to tears. After a great leading two verses this is the verse which brought the tears to my eyes as I drove down Houston's highway 90.

Same old boy, same sweet girl /Five years down the road
There’s going to be a little one and she says it’s time to go
Doctor says the baby’s fine but you’ll have to leave
’cause his momma’s fading fast and johnny hit his knees and there he prayed
Take the very breath you gave me / Take the heart from my chest
I’ll gladly take her place if you’ll let me /Make this my last request
Take me out of this world / God, please don’t take the girl

Theat did it for me. Tears streamed from my eyes as though I knew this couple personally, or as if this was the story later retold to me of my husband's own bravery. Many people accuse Country music of being so depressing and well depressing, but that's is not it at all.

The one thing that I absolutely love about country music lyrics, well the good country music, is that they tell a story from beginning to end. Country music is the most lyrical story-telling of all times. For example, the Dixie Chicks' [one of my favorite artists] "Goodbye Earl" tells a story from beinging to end. Complete with climax. For those of you who have not heard of this song...a brief synopsis: Two girls are great friends in high school One moves away to the big city, the other stays in the little ole town and gets married young. Her husband beats her so she gets a restraining order but he ends up putting her in the hospital, and her good friend comes back from the city. They decided, while the woman is still in the hospital, that Earl [the abusive husband] has to die. They then proceed to poison him with his black eyed peas. They bury him and think its odd how no one even missed Earl when he was inevidably missing.

That is a whole story [they tell it much better than I did] but still, it's beginning to end. But like i said in the beginning this is just my personal preference. As to not sound like a complete "sell-out" there are still many non-country artists of whom I am still quite fond. Namely: John Legend - I'm jamming him ALL the time now-, India.Arie, some of Mos Def's stuff, Avant, I am sure there are others. I will update you later. One.

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