Missin Math

I decided recently, while helping my sister with her pre-algebra homework, that I really do miss math. I was a stellar math student, but I decided to major in Communications??? While teaching my sister trig functions, I remembered why math was my first love. It made my brain churn; sometimes the answer was right there on the tip of my pencil, and other times it was burried under four cups of IHOP's coffee at 4:00am. Eitherway it was there, non-waivering, and waiting for me to find it.

Why did I loose that? When did I decided that not putting a preposition at the end of a sentence was more important or more exciting that a good ole fashion integration problem? The two things in which I trived during high school are the two things away from which I am the furthest: acting, and math. I miss them, and I think (while I still have the chance) it's time to revive at least the latter. Here I come!


ahleks said...

Ack! Ya dern number lover! lol Go back to acting! Don't mind me, I'm biased...I bristle at the thought of math.

Fractal Rock said...

Math rocks!!!