Quick Updates again:

  1. "The New Guy" who is not so new anymore is alive! I heard from him the other day. Oh dear, should I have made this the first update...if i were playing games it would matter, but since I'm not, I guess it's okay. Heck yeah it's okay. This dude held an entire instant messenger convo with me in Pilf Polf.
  2. Mr. "26 Things I hated about him" just won't take a hint! At this point an icepick to his ear sounds rather inticing.
  3. I'm no longer swamped @ work, my big project is finally over. I'm just waiting for the next big thing.
  4. My high school English teacher passed while on a cruise in the Middle East-- I think I may attend his memorial today.
  5. J'adore chatter avec les francais sur chat.yahoo.fr.
  6. Zilla still has not started on his part of our book.
  7. I still love my friends more than anything in the world!

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