Tribute to My Grandmother

In rememberance....

With the Love Taught by Mua
To Mua…

How do you accurately express the love and affection of one who has loved so many and given so much?

The truth is that the love and affection of our grandmother cannot be accurately expressed, not in words here on this paper today, not in words of reminiscent memories, not in words in our journals reflecting on the life of our Mua. The only way to accurately express her love, and affection is through our actions and the way we love others. Will we miss her? Oh most definitely! However each of us can find a part of Annie Laura in our own spirit. She is apart of us; she is the quiet smirk of approval; she is the dimple in our chin; she is the voice confirming “there are no ugly people in my family,” she is the lingering smell of homemade cornbread dressing on Thanksgiving Day; she is the switch across our rear, and she is the report card money in our pocket. We will take those small things and hold on to them. Nurture them. Water them and watch them grow. They make our world right. We are not letting go of you yet. Mua, much love and many thanks for loving us. You are an amazing woman, recently made perfect by your heavenly father, and you will be most certainly missed, but your legacy will carry on through all of us. We will put our forehead kisses on reserve for you until we meet again.

With the love that you instilled in each of us,
Your thirty-seven grandchildren

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