34 Weeks and Counting...

A pregnant woman's view on the struggle.
What follows is a tired, young pregnant woman's rant on the whole unfairness of things. Later in this conversation she welcomes the idea of writing a letter Congress and requesting passing the "Dot Law." Enjoy!

"Forget the weight gain. That is not an issue, you can loose weight but what about life long stretch marks!

I think so unfair that after nine months of pregnancy it's still not over. You gotta have two damn things leak. You bleed for six weeks and ya damn titties leak.

The other species has it so much easier than us. I'm serious. Krystal, it's not right. They don't have pre-labor pains. They don't have shit stretching. I think that by law men should be required to wear a pregnancy suit once they find out their woman is pregnant. And for those who do not stay with their women will have to wear a big dot on his head that shows that they have gotten a woman pregnant and is not doing anything to support her. It'd be their scarlet letter. And if he has four baby mama's then he should wear four dots! They would think twice before they would unzip their draws.

Then they don't want to have sex with us once we are six months because we are too big, or they are scared they will "hurt the baby." Ain't nobody's dick that mother fuckin' big! Then he has the audacity to ask me for a blow job! Is he crazy. Blow this!"

-this is all from the viewpoint of my cousin who is currently 34 weeks pregnant-


Zilla said...

your cousin is funny. But to hell with that pregnancy suit. :)

Sexy stretchmarks said...

ok you can dis agree but lets not forget I STILL HAVE STRETCH MARKS!!! something more that sleep deprevation needs to happen to them
I still say they wera dots or something.