Don't Make Excuses. Just Do What's Right.

What follows is a reaction to the comment left from "The L word, and the C word" See yesterday's blog

I do not recall the initial blog having anything to do with race. I did not say that the murderer was black. But if you want to ask why blacks are arrested more often, then yes their is legitimacy in saying they are targeted. However, there is also truth in saying that blacks tend to commit more impulsive crimes. Whereas other races, may tend to be more strategic-making an effort to make the burden of truth arduous. I mean, really, you shoot someone in broad daylight with many witnesses-- the prosecutor has little to do in his feat of carrying the burden of truth. Pretty easy to get a conviction in an impulsive crime.

In all honesty, the why and the pathology, if constantly discussed merely gives those an excuse. Less than 150 years ago many of us [blacks] were still enslaved. The millions of us who have progressed and risen to the level of success that some of us [blacks] have, did not do so by making excuses. --Because slaves were moved from place to place it caused black men to be promiscuous and not have a sense of monogamy, and that's why they cheat and have so many kids and do not take care of all of them.-- That is an excuse and it ignores the fact that even though the majority of the blacks in America are the descendents of slavery, there are still many black men who have "avoided the curse of slavery" and stayed monogamous, and have taken care of their families, and have only had children with one woman. Why? I am willing to bet that many of these men were raised with Christian or fairly conservative values: values that say, "This is right. This is wrong. Do right. Do not make excuses."

Stop finding the why for the behavior and just start saying--do not do what is wrong. That slavery excuse is just as bad as some parent saying, "I know my child does not do the right thing all the time, but it's just because he is misunderstood. It's really a cry for attention." No the truth is: the kid is bad, he hears the parent make excuses for his behavior and thusly, is not inclined to change.

Part II

"The liberating Jesus Christ" Well obviously, he was the ultimate liberator with conservative values. Conservative values in their very nature find their foundation in Christianity: not religion, but the lessons taught by Christ. In that case, I guess you are right there is freedom-liberation- in moral-conservative- beliefs.

Thusly, I am inclined to ask you if Jesus was either enlightened or unintelligent. Not in attempts to start an argument, but Jesus condones the death penalty. As He hung there on the cross, he did not "deliver from the penalty of death" either of the thieves who hung there with Him. He deliver neither the obnoxious one who had not reformed, nor did He deliver the thief who "found Jesus" while carrying out his sentence. Those who commit heinous crimes may reform, and their forgiveness, ultimately is between them and their God. Jesus forgave the thief, and even granted him entrance into heaven, however he saw it not fit to deliver him back unto the people.

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Anonymous said...

My dear friend… Where to start, as always? I did not want to make it into a racial argument, but your comments on crime, ha ha ha! I’m glad that you did state that black males are targeted, but then you fell off. You insinuated that some blacks commit impulsive crimes is not only wrong, but statistics and empirical research show that black males are disproportionately convicted for non-violent offences.

You are again right, when excuses must stop being made, and responsibility taken. Your explanation of the “plantation mentality” is only partially true. I’m not saying mine is complete, but it sheds more light into it. The idea of having lots of women and black pathology of American masculinity was handed down from the slave master. Most of this was born out of a sexist view that the slave master derived from the Bible. The effects on slavery and this is not exclusive to the United States but the entire slave trade, from Europe to Africa, to North and South America. All parties are guilty. The act of buying and selling humans as commodities started the dissemination of the black family. That’s where the pathology begins and continues today. The separation on mother and child, father and mother, is what started the break down of the black family in western life. I’ll save the Jesus thing for another time.

Liberals aren’t about making excuses. Conservatives aren’t about being morally right, because obviously they are the exact opposite. It’s not even about liberal or conservative values. Truth and justice are independent of the two. Americans are so limited in our view of things. The real battle is not left and right, but internal. From the Protestant Work Ethic and the development of capitalism to our current indivualistic, race disenfranchised, class segregated society these issue is what is really going on.
Westerners are so limited in our view of things. Many photospheres and cultural anthropologist blame our “square mentality” on that. It is empirical and observable that geometrically our western world is in finite shapes. Squares and boxes out number triangle’s and pyramids, or circles and spheres. Next time you fly look out of the plane’s window and what do you see? The landscape is so SQUARE! Our thinking is categorized as this also. I’ll elaborate on this more later…