V.D. - Fakey "Holi" Day

I am so pleased that I created a blog in time to voice my opinions about how much I absolutely detest this Fakey "Holi" Day. You can call me the Scrooge of Valentine's fakey Holiday, and I would humbly accept that oh so adequate appellation. I don't know what has caused me to grow so cold to this particular day, but over the years my angst for the day heightens.

The disgust for the day has grown so that it causes me to do overtly abnormal things. For example, I go into a store only once when I realize that Christmas decorations are being replaced, in stores, by the pink and red hearts, an overabundance of teddy bears, heart shaped chocolates, and a whole aisle of Hallmark Gold fakey holiday cardstock. When these decorations begin their initial flood of the stores, I make out a grocery list that will last me a good month and a half [December 27-February 16] and buy everything that I will possibly need to hold me over until this dreaded fakey is over.

Secondly, I post an away message about three days in advance warning my friends, family, and foes alike against shipping presents, emailing stupid online greeting cards, or calling with a fakey holiday well wish. I accept only business related calls or calls from those whom I am sure know how deep my fury lies for this oh so dreaded day.

You may say, this must be a chick who has never has never received a Valentine in her life. Wrong, I received the rose from an admirer here or there. I've gotten the balloons, the bears, the chocolate, and even at one point a trip to Mardi-Gras in New Orleans. I just can't say [with the exception of Mardi Gras] that I really enjoyed the fraud of it all. I think what really put me over the edge was in high school, a person for whom I had grown deeply affectionate asked me to be his Valentine. Most people, females especially, would have blushed and gone though so many levels of excitement. Not me, I was furious, even more so that this person has managed to tell me Happy Valentine's for the last four years makes me livid. Last year, I actually thought I'd escaped the Valentine's [fakey] wish from this person, but low and behold two days after the dreaded day he managed to sneak in a happy Belated Valentine's [fakey] wish. Fuming!

No matter my disgust for this fakey holiday, I must acknowledge the day for a different reason. Today is my new brother-in-law's birthday [my favorite bil], and also my favorite femme red-head from high school's birthday is today. Happy Birthday to You!!!

Well that is all for tonight... oh how appropriate that I just checked my mail because I just received an ad from Papa John's promoting their Valentine's pizza; get this, it's actually in the shape of a heart!! My god what is wrong with the world today? Well I look forward to replenishing my food supply, and personal necessities in two days when the majority of the pink and red decor will finally be replaced by Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, and lavish baskets. Yay for the Resurrection! It preserves my sanity every year!


Dream Lover said...

Wow, at least I know I'm not the only one who truly detests this day. "Icky-Ewwy V-day" is how I reffered to it as a child...damn Hallmark for pushing this idea just so they could make an ass load of money! I seriously cannot wait for Easter to be here! Yay for bunnies, chics, and crosses!

Miss Krys said...

Right on, Dream Lover!

dON Lee said...

Why such a distaste for this day? I'm not a fan of it and i think it pales besides your fury at this particular day. hahaha~ Bad memories?