Truth Is Ordinary People Can't Wait

I bet you all were wondering from where I derived the name for this blog. I attempted to be profound and create something so totally unique, and I had a massive brain lapse. Thusly, to name my blog, I simply resorted to the products of our pop culture. To what in tarnation am I referring?
Truth Is: Fantasia Barrino
Ordinary People: John Ledgend
Can't Wait: Avant
I know I cheated, but they do fit together so well don't they. Each one of those songs is important to me: Truth is for the one I fear I may never get over; Ordinary People, the daily reminder that this is all a process and that the dichotomy of life is infinite: you just never know; Can't Wait, the acknowledgement that when we want something, it's an immedate desire that we oft feel must be satiated immediately.

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feepee said...

see, after that explaination i really like the title. mine is so boring.