The "L" word and the "C" word..Arrugh!

Not Love. Not Confession. . . Liberal and Conservative (Part I)
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Do you ever encounter those people that have learned to sneak politics into every conversion at every possible chance they can get. Everything is either liberal or conservative. I have an acquaintance, and he likes to remind me, at every possible opportunity, that I am a conservative and that means that I am not at all progressive, and that my ideals are stagnant and not respectful of those who may be deemed different .

Yes. I am conservative. I do believe in fairly conservative ideals. However, I can respect those who do not. One of my best friends in the world is extreme left; I, extreme right. I believe in the death penalty. Had I not lived in Texas, where the decision was made for me, I probably still would have voted for Bush. I am avidly opposed to welfare, and I do not mind my tax money going to the army because ideally their job is to protect me and my safety. I think abortion is unethical [unless of course a result of rape, incest, or danger for the mother]. I think we should say "One nation under God," because this nation was founded as a nation under God. I am a patriot, and I have a love for the state of Texas that would almost rival my love for my own family. Lastly, I believe education should be federalized and that everyone should pay for school: not just property owners. That is what I believe. These are my ideals, my morals, and my values.

The previous paragraph is an example of me exploding. While I do believe firmly in all of the above mentioned topics, they are not something I allow to consume my life. However, I've come to learn that some people cannot separate life from politics. So if they want me to give them something to talk about, I do it.

My views on the liberals. Extreme lefts, in my opinion, do nothing more than continuously make up excuses for those who are morally lacking. "Just say no to the death penalty!" Why?!?! I say kill them on national television. You loose a percentage of your rights when you commit a crime so heinous that one -- no a jury of twelve of your peers think you ought to die. If you've committed murder, you deserve to be killed publicly the way you killed your victims! That is what I think, and that is my perogative. Whereas a liberal would say: Who to say who deserves to live or not? Tell that garbage to a woman who's only daughter has been raped, beaten, and tortured before being murdered. Who cares if that person is capable of reform? The world is a better place without him. Why leave him in a jail where my tax dollars and hard working taxpayers all over the country go to harbor people who's existence is a mockery in the eyes of the land we wish to create for our posterity. Do you know people in jail have cable?! I don't even have cable. I am paying for their cable bill.

I am not even going to start on Welfare here...That deserves its own blog. All I will say here is "If you can't feed'em, then don't breed 'em. Nasty fuckers!"


Anonymous said...

Well to begin, thank you for the shout out. I want to encourage anyone else who reads this to leave a comment. Disclaimer: My comments are by no means the ‘gospel truth.’ I simply add a different side of the story.

At 22, a single, hetero-sexual black male in America, I have come to the conclusion that the society is built on conservative ideals and values. It is naturally easy to ‘buy in’ or accept these premises, but with experience, critical thought, and the necessity of study, breaking down these walls that society is built upon is not just equality for all, but moral justice for every human being. Most Americans don’t have a global perspective on how most of the world lives in 2005. I was reading an article on the BBC’s online service last week on how China in 2004 passed the US as the nation that consumed the most retail products. Amazing, most Americans don’t think in terms as this. By the way the US population is approaching 300 million people. China is about 1.3 billion people. Just a picture of the nation we live in. One in which market forces are most impotant. Special interest out weighs the common good. How will history judge us? Our record on civil rights, women’s rights, human rights, environmental rights, not the best record… I am a proud American, but when the state/gov. builds more prisons to cage me in, than schools (with resources) to tame (educate) mem there is a problem. The prison-industrial complex is just a microcosm of the government welfare that corporations rob from the public. What my conservative friends, yes friends sometimes forget is that acknowledging a problem is the first step in fixing it. It’s a deeper pathology for that mother on welfare. It’s a deeper pathology for that young, marginalized black male that raped, beat, tortured, and likked some mother’s daughter. It’s obviously a deeper pathology in why black males disproportionately arrested, convicted for many non-violent offenses, and occupy prisons.

As a Christian, the ultimate existence of my faith was the liberating Jesus Christ. Christian theology is liberating. In America, (I’ll discuss Texas, later, in person.Maybe…) this has become perverted and distorted into conservative dogma, rhetoric, and ignorance. America is the only industrialized nation to execute people (that blood spilled is on all of our hands). Not a enlightened or intelligent moral act, yet alone Christian. I will avoid the bible, because not to brag I can go toe-to-toe with any fundamentalist, but I’m not looking for a fight. Not to turn this into a theological debate, but there are many black ministers who still keep it real. Dr. Gardner Taylor of New York reminisced of his experience with “President/Bro. Bush” (Dr. Taylor was an invited clergy).

“The 2000 inauguration was a vibrant event. Mr. Bush spoke of his mandate given to him by the American people. The ceremonies theme was freedom, preserving ours, and expanding it for the rest of the world. All this talk of freedom made me think. Sen. Trent Lott who presided over the ceremony made references sometime ago about a man, who he said, ‘would have made America a better place’. A guy who said that their weren’t enough bayonets in the army, or enough laws in Washington that could be passed for the Negro to be accepted in America.” Dr. Taylor was referring to Sen. Strom Thurman who created the now 2nd longest Phil buster in US congressional history. The same guy who had a daughter by a black woman 70years ago. Sen. Thurman is the precise example of white male conservative supremacy that has oppressed many people and issues for ever. This hypocrisy of freedom epitomizes conservative ideals, morals and values. I’m just presenting some info; I’ll stop because I can go on and on…

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Your statements, while well thought out and obviously heart-felt, stand as an example of the revolving race door. I don't profess to walk in the shoes of any minority. I was born of poor parents who made good after I had moved out, though. My father worked days and attended school nights while raising a family, until he was able to receive his master's degree and enter politics. My mother worked days and attended law school at night.

I can, however, pass on the meat of a conversation I had with my neighbor and friend, a black professor at a Boston college. We were discussing welfare, minorities, crime, etc. He and I agree on one thing: Everyone has a choice. Everyone has obstacles between them and their goals. Some have larger obstacles than others. As individuals, we decide if we are going to take the easy road, or challenge ourselves to be better people. If you have an excuse to not better yourself, such as percecution or racism, it's easy to take the low road and place the blame elsewhere.

If you rely on the government to hand you the golden ticket, you've already lost.

Anonymous said...


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