Shake It Off and Step Up

I think on Sundays I will make an effort to make my blog, some what inspirational. I guess that means I should go to church on a more frequent basis in order to obtain that inspiration. Today, I have a version of a paradigm told by Joel, my pastor. This is one that really got to me... I hope it helps you out too.

A donkey and a couple of guys had been walking for a while. All three were tiring quickly and their destination seemed farther and farther away. They continued to walk, but in a sudden change of events the donkey fell into a deep well. The well stretched many many feet below ground. The men tried everything they could to get the donkey out, but their resources were limited. They finally gave up on the little donkey. The donkey, sensing what tremendous trouble he was in began to neigh and neigh. The men felt bad and decided to put the donkey out of his misery by burring him alive. They tossed dirt into the well and the donkey neighed louder and louder. After a while the neighs stopped but the men continued to throw dirt to keep the same thing from happening to any one else walking the path. Soon the men began to see something poking from edges of the well. It was the donkey!! The men were in awe, they realized when the neighs stopped, it wasn’t because the donkey was dead, but it was because he had stopped whining. Every time the men had thrown dirt in, as it landed on the donkey's back, he would shake it off and step up! He took the very thing that was sent to bury him alive, stopped whining about it, and made it his way out. He'd shake it off and step up. Take a lesson from the donkey, anything in your life that's causing you to feel smothered, and tortured, shake it off and step up.

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Fallon U. said...

Thanks for the much needed inspiration. :)