The New Guy

Well it's happened. I dare admit it, but there has been a new guy who has caught my attention and managed to keep it for longer than two weeks. It's a sad thing when the self-reincarnated stoic watches herself being to fall for another evil creature! I am glad that my previous situation taught me the importance of enjoying what's there while staying on my toes.

This new guy, he's great really. So great in fact I am trying to figure out what his flaw is. But I guess what is the fun in buying a new car and spending your energy trying to figure out how it will break down on you first. Maybe I am attempting to be too emotionally responsible. He hasn't given me a reason to question him thus far.

Please do not be mislead. We are not together we are just talked a bit. I have issues with that whole commitment thing, but at least I can admit it, right?

Intellect. Challenge. Football. Humor. Eyebrows nice ones. And arms really nice ones. That's all that's ever really necessary.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm..."just kickin' it," eh? FYI: That never works.

Miss Krys said...

Maybe I should have said that we are not exclusive, and we are still in the "just dating" phase of this not-yet-relationship.

ThisIsKia said...

"Just kickin' it" ROCKS!!!! It keeps you entertained without stifling your options/growth.

Miss Krys said...

Haha! I don't even remember which dude this was that as worthy of any blog real estate.