Series Premiere

This is the first, and I guarantee that this will not be the last of many posts to come. Welcome to my blogg space. I was reading an article about people getting fired because of information and opinions verbalized on their blog pages. Naturally, I thought, "I better get me one of these!" Now lookie here-- I have one. Hopefully, this will be something I remember to write on every day, for those of you who will be my faithful readers. I plan on posting some stories, already written, and new ones too. I'll post my thoughts, rarely my feelings though; they are often too personal to share with the world. Come back tomorrow, and hopefully you'll see something new.

"You take your ignorance and wear it on you sleeve like a badge of honor and call it cool, well it ain't. That's called masturbation, that's right. It may make you feel good but it does not produce life." -Sidney Poitier-

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Sexy Stretchmarks said...

I wish I could get fired for saying something on a blog...talk about sue somebody's ass. I would get so rich that I wouldn't have to work!! maybe I should start one of these thingies